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"Leadership: Being, Knowing, Doing"

Stephen Tierney

"Leadership: Being, Knowing, Doing" by Stephen Tierney is a book that talks about how to be a good leader in education. It explains the ideas of practical wisdom and good judgment, which are important for making the right decisions. The book is divided into three parts: Ways of Being, Ways of Knowing, and Ways of Doing. Each part has different aspects that are necessary for effective leadership. The author shares examples from his own experience to show how these ideas can be applied in real life. The book aims to help leaders improve their skills and inspire future leaders to grow.  Favourite quote: ‘Phronesis is an Ancient Greek word for a type of wisdom associated with practical action. It is about good judgment and good character. At its core, it is about the ability to discern how best to act. Practical wisdom involves acting thoughtfully and virtuously and encouraging others to do the same. Virtue, thought and action, which coalesce in effective leadership, I have termed the Way of Being, Way of Knowing, and Way of Doing.’ What do we think? "Leadership: Being, Knowing, Doing" by Stephen Tierney is a book that explores the principles and practices of effective leadership in the education sector. The book covers a range of topics, including the importance of being an authentic and ethical leader, the role of knowledge and expertise in leadership, and the skills and strategies needed to effectively lead and manage schools.


Creating a Strong Culture: A Positive Climate for Schools

Nick Hart

If there is one thing that school leaders need to get right, it is school culture. When they do, children learn more and colleagues have a stronger sense of purpose - they are more motivated and ultimately more fulfilled. Creating a strong culture and a positive climate requires an understanding of the complexity of school life and this begins by building knowledge. This book supports leaders to do just that. Drawing on ideas from different domains, this insightful book reveals the role of concepts such as autonomy and trust in school improvement. Each chapter sets out the specific knowledge and expertise required by school leaders for great cultural leadership and offers practical examples and case studies to show how they can be applied in different school contexts. Creating a Strong Culture and Positive Climate in Schools is an essential lens through which to examine the common problems faced by school leaders. It is invaluable reading for all those wanting to become more expert in school leadership and to better solve the everyday problems that arise from leading a school. What do we think? "Creating a Culture" is a must-read book. It offers a comprehensive framework for understanding the factors that shape school culture and provides practical strategies for building a positive and supportive climate for all students and staff." Quotes from the book "Culture is the underlying set of beliefs, values, and assumptions that shape the behavior of a group of people." "A positive school culture is one in which staff and students feel safe, respected, and valued, and are committed to achieving high standards of excellence." "Effective communication is essential to building trust, fostering collaboration, and creating a positive school culture."


Simplicitus 'The Interconnected Primary Curriculum

Emma Turner

"Simplicitus" is a culmination of Emma's extensive 24-year journey leading curriculum design and effective subject leadership across multiple primary schools. In this authoritative handbook, Emma brilliantly demystifies the intricate thought processes that underpin primary curriculum design, supplementing her theoretical propositions with practical models and strategies. Emma contends that primary curriculum design is a unique knowledge domain unto itself, one that warrants deep exploration. She states the importance of considering both academic and child development lenses when crafting curriculum. Turner emphasises that while the process may be complex and nuanced, it can be made simpler – or "Simplicitus." This book lays bare the often-overlooked considerations unique to primary education, offering a blend of academic thinking, research, accumulated wisdom from decades of primary experience, and an abiding love for the distinct nature of primary teaching. The book successfully navigates the reader through this unique landscape, offering practical solutions that truly serve the needs of our youngest learners. Some stand-out quotes include: 1. "Primary curriculum design is not just a practice; it's a distinct knowledge domain." 2. "Simplicity doesn't undermine complexity; it makes it accessible and practical." 3. "In the crossroads of academic thinking and child development, lies the heart of primary curriculum design." 4. "Through the lens of 'Simplicitus', we uncover the art and science of primary curriculum design." 5. "The unique nature of primary deserves our deepest understanding and our profound love." "Simplicitus: A Handbook on Primary Curriculum Design" is a must-read for anyone engaged in primary education. The book presents a holistic and practical approach to curriculum design, integrating theoretical constructs with real-world applications. One key reason to recommend this book is its unique perspective. Emma, with her wealth of experience, offers valuable insights into primary curriculum design that extend beyond generic pedagogical advice. She offers a view steeped in the realities of primary classrooms, which resonates with professionals in the field. Another compelling reason is the book's balance of complexity and simplicity. The book acknowledges the intricate nature of curriculum design but breaks it down into manageable, understandable pieces, making the book a practical guide for both experienced educators and those new to the field. Lastly, this book is a testament to Emma's love for primary education and her unwavering dedication to enhancing curriculum design. "Simplicitus" is more than just a handbook; it's a manifesto on the importance of understanding, appreciating, and effectively navigating the unique world of primary education. It is a beacon of knowledge and wisdom for educators navigating the fascinating landscape of primary curriculum design.


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