Cultural capital and the curriculum: From Reggio to Maestro

Lucy and Jonathan discuss Cultural capital and the curriculum: From Reggio to Maestro with Melanie Moore from Cornerstones Education. 

Melanie (B.Ed Hons, NPQH) is the founder and Curriculum Director of Cornerstones Education. A former primary teacher, deputy headteacher, curriculum adviser and creative strategy adviser, Mel has almost thirty years of experience in primary education.

Having written 10 different commercial curriculum schemes, currently used by hundreds of thousands of children worldwide, Mel has a passion for early years education, and primary curriculum design, with a particular interest in the concept of powerful knowledge and cultural capital.

This workshop presents a decade-long personal journey of discovery into the world of cultural capital, which begins in the beautiful piazzas and remarkable pre-schools of northern Italy.

Mel will share her experience and observations of the unique educational philosophy of Reggio Children and examine its approach to cultural capital and the acquisition of powerful knowledge through real-life and local experience.

Mel will then provide a synopsis of French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu's theory of cultural capital and explain its place in the new education inspection framework.

Arriving at the workshop's final destination, Mel will provide practical strategies for ways to become the Maestro of your own culturally rich curriculum.

They discuss:

  • What is cultural capital? 
  • How does it help our children become successful citizens? 
  • How can we offer a curriculum rich in cultural capital? 


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