What does your Teacher’s Pension Scheme provide for you webinar with Wesleyan Financial Services

Lucy and Jonathan are joined by the team at Wesleyan Financial Services. 

John Cunliffe, Specialist Financial Adviser

John has worked in financial services for 19 years, having previously worked for 2 of the UK's High Street banks, pretty much straight from university. He's spent the last 6 years working for Wesleyan giving specialist financial advice to professionals in education. He's helped a number of teachers and their families over the years with everything from buying their first home, to putting their feet up in retirement and everything in between.

Robert Surtees, Specialist Financial Adviser

Over 22 years' experience, in helping customers with their financial planning and realising their objectives and ensuring that they have a good financial underpin. I've worked for organisations for example, NatWest, True Potential Wealth Management and Wesleyan for over 5 years.

They discuss:

* What membership to the Teachers’ Pension Scheme provides for you and your family

* An overview of the features, benefits and options of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme

* The changes that have happened within the scheme and how it affects you and the lump sum payments you will receive

* What provision is made for you and your family in the event of ill-health or death

* Examples of how payments are calculated and how to vary your contribution

* Maximising your annual and lifetime allowances

* Why it is important to start planning early and avoid incurring any penalties

* The McCloud Judgement

* Financial planning through savings and investments for lifetime goals


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Made by us and our partners.

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