Improving Outcomes through School Self-Evaluation

Join Jonathan and Lucy as they talk to Phil Denton about why completing a School Evaluation Form is important, and top tips for doing so. 

Phil Denton:

After many years in school leadership, Phil is now a leader for education companies based in Manchester and London. Phil is an education speaker, and the author of The First 100 Days with Micky Mellon. Phil has had several articles published in the SecEd magazine, TES and other education publications.

They discuss:

  • A study by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) found that schools that conducted a rigorous and thorough self-evaluation process were more likely to have improved outcomes for their pupils. 
  • Why the process should include all stakeholders, including teachers, leaders, governors, and parents, in the process.
  • How the SEF should result in clear and actionable next steps for improvement, which are based on evidence and aligned with the school's strategic goals.

Phil shares his insights about the challenges and solutions for effective school self-evaluation:

  • It is time-consuming, rarely looked at throughout the year, and often done in isolation.
  • To resolve this, @EdEvaluate provides pre-written questions by experts, allowing users to choose pre-populated answers. The SEF will then automatically generate areas of actions/strengths and feed into a SIP.
  • The system is flexible and covers areas such as SEND, EYFS, and sixth form, assigning tasks to users and keeping everything in one place with evidence attached.

To find out more about @EdEvaluate and their services, contact @phildenton81 or visit, where you can book a demo or get a free trial.

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