Welbee ensures schools, colleges and MATs systemise how they measure and improve the wellbeing of their staff to deliver improved retention, absences and outcomes, while reducing costs.

What do they do?

Welbee is an easy-to-use online evaluation and staff wellbeing improvement tool, designed to help senior and HR leaders create mentally healthy schools, retain and motivate staff, reduce costs, drive up student attainment and, where relevant, enhance their Ofsted Leadership and Management Judgement. It also provides a measure recognised in the DfE’s Education Staff Wellbeing Charter. Measurement of workplace wellbeing and how effectively leaders manage the risks of workplace stress is made easy using Welbee’s 10 minute online staff survey that uses the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) Management Standards to compare overall scores with those of other schools and organisations.

How can they help?

Key Features: Anonymous staff survey with detailed results and recommended actions Baseline measurement and progress tracking Heatmaps and analytics to identify areas of celebration and focus Benchmarking against other schools and the Health & Safety Executive's benchmarks Customisable filters for analysis Welbee Voice tool for ongoing feedback and communication Welbee Wellbeing Toolkit with over 100 resources Benefits of using Welbee: Saves time and reduces workload by managing the anonymous survey and providing detailed analysis and recommendations Evidence-built and independently evaluated survey and analytics for reliable outcomes Improved staff retention and reduced recruitment needsIncreased student attainment Ongoing remote support including advice, training, self-study options, videos, downloadable guides, and interactive courses

What do we think?

Welbee's evidence informed, user-friendly survey and analytics, can help you save valuable time so that you can concentrate on the important tasks of implementing the recommended actions, which will in turn, help to improve staff retention and wellbeing. Moreover, their exceptional customer service includes ongoing support, which comprises comprehensive training, videos, downloadable guides, and interactive courses.

Top testimonial

‘Welbee provides an amazing foundation to our wellbeing strategy. It’s cost-effective, easy to use and provides excellent support, making the complex job of managing multiple pieces of data from 1300 employees, easy.  ‘Welbee is a highly effective staff wellbeing evaluation and improvement tool, making staff wellbeing simply part of what happens every day.’  Operational Resources Director Mark Milbourne, Headteacher, Prettygate School https://vimeo.com/799882034/cce84aacae 

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