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Vivify partners with schools across the country to hire out their facilities outside of school hours to enable them to generate much needed revenue that can be invested back into their facilities, teachers, and student experience. Opening up school facilities for communities to get together can improve mental and physical wellbeing, boost confidence, tackle loneliness and help people feel more positive about life. Other benefits include providing a range of activities for pupils to get involved with to improve their skillset and discover new passions. These activities will also help improve adhesion, racial divides and inclusivity in communities by bringing people from different backgrounds together. It is free to partner with us - there are no upfront costs – we simply take a commission of bookings revenue. We offer two solutions: Bookings Management (everything but staffing) As well as handling all aspects of bookings via our purpose built booking platform, our sales and marketing team will proactively engage hirer groups and market your facilities to make sure revenue targets are met. Our 24/7 contact centre team are on hand 8am-11pm to field all customer queries. All you’ll need to provide is staff during bookings.

What do they do?

Vivify Venues aims to create additional revenue for schools by utilising their facilities outside of regular school hours with an easy-to-use solution for managing, promoting, and booking their facilities for various events and activities.

How can they help?

Key Features: - Simplified facility management: - Manage your school's facilities, bookings, and invoicing through a user-friendly platform. - Customisable booking system: Tailor the booking system to your school's specific needs and requirements. - Promote your facilities: Increase visibility and reach a wider audience through the platform's promotional tools. - Easy booking process: Allow users to book and pay for facilities online, making the process more efficient and convenient for both the school and the community. - Dedicated support: Vivify Venues offers support and guidance to ensure the success of your facility bookings.

What do we think?

Vivify Venues can help schools generate additional income by maximising the use of their facilities during out-of-school hours. The platform makes it easy for schools to manage and promote their facilities while providing a convenient booking experience for the community.

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