The Headteacher’s Report

The Headteacher’s Report is developed in partnership with Headteachers, Leaders in Governance and Ofsted Inspectors, our reports are saving hours in leadership time each term.

What do they do?

The headteacher’s report has been developed in partnership with Headteachers, Leaders in Governance and OFSTED Inspectors. The headteacher’s Report has all the information that Governor’s and stakeholders need in a quick to produce and simple to understand format. It links to your MIS data, so it can extract information quickly and accurately. The reports include graphs and tables to highlight strengths and areas for improvement. It supports governors’ understanding of OFSTED by linking school improvement data back to the OFSTED categories. New 1 click report option to create reports at the touch of a button. You can create several different reports including: The Headteacher's Report The Headteacher's Report including SEF and SDP Report The Trustee Report (automatic consolidation) - Includes a copy of The Headteacher's Report per academy The Pupil Premium Report The SEND Report The Finance Committee Report The Budget Planner

How can they help?

Quick and easy to produce reportsAccurate reporting with benchmarking data Saves hours of leadership time Reports are easy to understand and communicate with stakeholdersIncludes a variety of report options to meet the needs of leaders Helps leaders to meet the key elements of the OFSTED Inspection Framework

What do we think?

✓ We like the fact that reports are easy to understand and quick to produce. ✓ We love the online portal, which pre-populates national, LA and similar school benchmarking data using the latest DfE data, allowing leaders to see a clear picture of their school in a wider context. ✓ Helps to reduce the workload for senior leaders ✓ Good value for money 'The Headteacher’s Report provides leaders with a document that is easy to communicate the actions taken by the leaders to the stakeholders. The reports are also written to help leaders meet the key elements of the new OFSTED Inspection Framework. The result is a very thorough and comprehensive report that would otherwise have taken leaders a long time to prepare. It’s quick to generate the report and very easy to use. We highly recommend it.’

Top testimonial

“In our current educational climate, when time is so precious, yet demands for accurate reporting and accountability is essential for effective leadership and governance; the headteacher report provides that valuable time saver. Without cutting corners, it delivers all the essential information, yet still allowing personalisation.” Gayle Platt – Headteacher Dersingham Primary School

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