TeachFX is a new way to lead instruction & professional learning -- at scale. Our app uses AI to provide every teacher with personalized feedback and simplified self-reflection, grounded in research-supported practice.

What do they do?

TeachFX is an app that allows teachers to record audio of their lessons and receive AI-generated insights into the academic dialogue and teaching practices that promote deeper learning. This feedback helps teachers to reflect on their practice and make positive changes without relying on classroom observations.

How can they help?

TeachFX provides teachers with frequent and meaningful feedback that helps them to improve their practice and increase student voice and engagement in the classroom. The app is user-friendly and can be used on any device to create an audio recording of lessons, and the insights provided by TeachFX are based on research-supported teaching practices.

What do we think?

TeachFX is a user-friendly teaching platform that provides insights into academic dialogue and teaching practices that, according to research, promote deeper learning - student engagement and talk time, equity of student voice, open-ended inquiry, and more. The TeachFX team has created an intuitive tool that enables teachers to record audio of their lessons for analysis, making it a really useful evaluative tool for lesson feedback. TeachFX enables teachers to understand how to improve through positive changes in their practice.

Top testimonial

'TeachFX insights help teachers see their questioning techniques," and a randomized controlled trial found that reviewing TeachFX data for just minutes can reliably change teaching practice and learning outcomes. Detroit Public Schools Community District also provides a positive testimonial, saying that TeachFX has helped their teachers reflect on their teaching practice and improve their students' learning outcomes.' Principal.

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