Teach Active

Teach Active is an on-line resource which provides schools and teachers with 3000 lesson plans on how to deliver the Maths and English curriculum through physical activity.

What do they do?

TeachActive is a learning platform that provides schools with over 3000 lesson plans and resources on how to teach English and Maths through physical activity. They help schools meet their DFE physical activity recommendations by accessing the lessons for 60 minutes a day.

How can they help?

TeachActive is a fun and engaging way for children to learn Maths and English. Teachers can choose from ready-made lesson plans and easily integrate physical activity into their teaching. TeachActive also helps schools meet their physical activity requirements and promotes children's health and well-being. Can be purchased through PE and Sport Funding.

What do we think?

I think TeachActive is a fantastic product that makes learning fun and enjoyable while increasing children's health and well-being. TeachActive has also received national recognition, winning ERA and BETT Resource of the Year in 2021.

Top testimonial

‘Through their innovative approach, TeachActive allows teachers and leaders to put activity as the driving force behind the learning of Maths and English. We are proud to endorse, proud to champion and we continue to be proud to work with the TeachActive team’ Youth Sport Trust. ‘Health is fundamental to children’s development. TeachActive gives children an extra hour or two of physical activity and is a brilliant way to support teachers too. With the scale of the challenge, every bit helps and this is a win-win for learning and health.’ Headteacher. ‘I love the fact children are proactively channelling their natural competitiveness into Maths challenges. They are often learning so many Maths concepts without realising they’re doing Maths. It’s fabulous to see so many smiling faces and increase in achievement in the subject.’ Headteacher.

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