Sync supports schools across the UK, aiding in the adoption, deployment, and ongoing use of technology. This includes provision of hardware/software/solutions, providing finance solutions, training, tech support, and more.

What do they do?

Sync guides academy trusts through their technology procurement. They offer technical support, CPD, an iPad purchasing Programme, and Teacher benefits scheme with access to discounts on high street technology products.  With 28 years' experience in IT Procurement and operational educational support under its belt, Sync has a proven record of accomplishment of changing the culture across learning institutions.

How can they help?

Streamlines workflow, Sync saves time for teachers using a holistic approach to learning with technology. Enhances Teaching and Learning through using iPad. Works with schools and creates a true partnership. From a 2020 external survey 70% of schools said that Sync have been essential to implementing and maintaining their education strategy. Schools can save up to 30% on the cost of deploying IT through the Sync subscription service.

What do we think?

Sync are experts in the field of integrating technology into schools and into the curriculum. Their CPD service enables schools to bring this technology to life through embedding technology into the curriculum and by offering training for staff.

Top testimonial

“Sync have been exceptionally helpful in assisting school leaders in developing their vision in the creative and innovative use of technologies to enhance learning. This was the main driver for our project, of course then assistance in advising on what technology would best meet our needs and ensuring that we had the infrastructure to ensure success of our project came next.” Georgina Frost, Headteacher, Park Hall Academy “iPad has made my lessons pacier, with a range of resources I can use to adapt and improve my lessons. They have had a big impact on the range of work that children are producing and are now capable of producing independently.” Stuart Mclean, Teacher, NSPS

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