Sign In Central Record

Sign In Central Record is award-winning online SCR tracker software that was created by school staff, for school staff.

What do they do?

Sign In Central Record is a digital sign-in system designed for schools and businesses to track visitor and staff sign-ins. Offering an easy and secure way to sign in visitors, contractors, and staff and keep a record of their movements. The system helps to improve safety, save time, and maintain compliance with data protection regulations.

How can they help?

- Quick and easy sign-in process for visitors and staff - Real-time notifications to hosts via email or SMS - Customisable visitor badges - Records and stores visitor information securely - Provides accurate records of visitor and staff movements - Reports to meet compliance requirements - Easy to set up and use

What do we think?

Sign In Central Record is a great solution for schools looking to improve their visitor sign-in process. The system is easy to set up and use, and it provides accurate records of visitor and staff movements. The real-time notifications feature is particularly useful for hosts to receive notifications when their visitors arrive. We highly recommend this product to schools and businesses looking for a reliable and secure sign-in system.

Top testimonial

"We have been using Sign In Central Record for a while now and found it an invaluable tool for keeping track of visitors to our school. It is easy to use and has improved the safety of our students and staff." - Headteacher, London "Sign In Central Record has made our visitor sign-in process quick and easy. The system is user-friendly and the reporting feature has helped us to meet our compliance requirements." - Office Manager, Manchester

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