We are Securly: a global, market-leading student wellness technology company. Our mission is to preserve a safe digital environment for students anywhere they connect.

What do they do?

Securly is an online student safety solution designed for schools. It offers cloud-based web filtering, classroom management tools, and monitoring software to protect students from harmful content online. Securly also offers a range of features, including parent portal access and automated alerts for potentially harmful behavior.

How can they help?

Cloud-based web filtering: Securly offers cloud-based web filtering to protect students from harmful content online, including adult content, gambling, drugs, and violence. Classroom management tools: Securly offers a range of classroom management tools to help teachers manage their classrooms, including blocking access to websites, creating custom blocklists, and monitoring student activity. Monitoring software: Securly offers monitoring software that helps administrators monitor student activity online, including social media activity, web searches, and email communications. Parent portal access: Securly offers parents access to a parent portal where they can view their child's online activity, receive alerts for potentially harmful behaviour, and manage their child's account settings. Automated alerts: Securly's monitoring software sends automated alerts to administrators and parents when potentially harmful behavior is detected, including cyberbullying, self-harm, and suicidal ideation.

What do we think?

Securly is a comprehensive online student safety solution that offers a range of features to protect students from harmful content online. We particularly like the cloud-based web filtering, which is highly effective at blocking harmful content, and the monitoring software, which provides valuable insights into student activity. The parent portal and automated alerts are also great features that help to keep parents informed and involved in their child's online safety.

Top testimonial

"We switched to Securly from another web filtering product, and we are very happy with the change. The filtering is much more effective, and the support has been excellent." - Headteacher, UK "Securly has been an invaluable tool for monitoring our students' online activity. We have been able to detect and prevent potentially harmful behavior before it becomes a problem." - IT Director, US

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