Schools Advisory Service

Working with over 4,000 schools and academies, Schools Advisory Service are the largest supplier of staff absence protection in the UK. In 2021, SAS became the only supplier recommended through a DfE approved framework for both Absence Insurance and Mutual Protection. Our tailored staff absence insurance policies can meet the individual requirements of Primary, Secondary & Special Schools; Self-funding Schools; Academies & MATs, offering flexible and unique cover. Our comprehensive Whole School Wellbeing support, which includes proactive mental and physical health support for the whole school community, is complimentary with SAS policies.

What do they do?

Schools Advisory Service (SAS) specialises in providing support and advice to schools throughout the UK. SAS offers a range of services, including HR support, legal advice, financial guidance, and educational consultancy. They work with schools of all sizes and types, from small primary schools to large secondary schools, and provide customised solutions tailored to each school's unique needs and challenges. In addition to their advisory services, SAS also offers a range of training and development programs for school leaders and staff. These programs are designed to help schools improve their performance and achieve their goals, whether that's improving student outcomes, enhancing staff well-being, or streamlining operational processes.

How can they help?

Key Features and Benefits: Tailored insurance packages to suit individual school needs Comprehensive whole-school well-being support package Support for both staff and pupils Proactive prevention of staff absences Tools to meet Ofsted criteria for a positive well-being culture SAS enables schools to: Protect their budget by transferring risk to the insurer Customise insurance products to meet specific needs Access complimentary and confidential health and well-being services Prevent staff absences and promote a positive well-being culture

What do we think?

The availability of an Account Manager who can offer assistance when you need it, and customise a package specifically to meet the distinct needs of your school is key to the great service offered by SAS for schools.

Top testimonial

“We have been working with SAS for many years and have found them effective, reasonably priced and always ready to help with those unusual situations that don’t fit in or around the normal policy. Working with our account manager Jo, she has helped smooth any issues, she is very attentive and ensures that all of our needs are met; she is a pleasure to deal with. I would have no reason not to highly recommend them.” Learning Trust “We started our relationship with Schools Advisory Services (SAS) back in June 2022 across all 18 of our schools and for all of our 1,200 staff. The feedback we have had from colleagues about SAS service provision so far has been universally positive, both in terms of the experience and how prompt and responsive people have found it when accessing it. As a Trust, we feel it’s vital that our staff are able to access assistance and support quickly when they need it most, as such this feedback reinforces our confidence that SAS were the right choice for us for wellbeing services for our Trust.” Chief Operating Officer, Education Trust

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