SchoolOnline is proven to improve your students' grades by 100.5% in just 6 weeks, with over 1350 step-by-step videos from the nation’s top examiners in GCSE/KS2 English & Maths designed to help students ace their exams and unlock the door to their future success. Hands-on onboarding process gets you using the system quickly and easily with face to face training offered free of charge to ensure that you are provided with all of the tools available to support your students. Affordable pricing means that small institutions can take advantage of our outstanding platform. Our powerful functionality allows schools to set detailed, auto-marked revision assignments for their students with high levels of insight into student engagement and analytics on strengths and weaknesses while supporting students in their learning with our targeted video explanations of each question. In addition to this, we have introduced a universal search function so that you are able to set topic specific assignments to check your learner’s knowledge. Within schools, our English and Maths tutorial videos can be used within a classroom setting to support the curriculum, or assignments can be set for students to work through independently, either at home or at school. We recently ran another community-based trial collaborating with Charlton Athletic Community Trust, where KS2 students used our platform for 30 minutes each in English and Maths over six weeks. The students improved their Maths scores on average by 76.7% and their English by 100.5%. Shortlisted in the 2023 BETT Awards: Primary Digital Learning Product - Maths; High Commendation in the Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence Awards 2022, Finalists in the 2022 Bett Awards in Primary Digital Learning Product – Maths, Primary Digital Learning Product – English and Educational Resource for Parents or Home Learning; Finalists in ERA Awards 2021 and Winners in SME Enterprise Awards 2020.

What do they do?

SchoolOnline Classroom provides video-based tuition to help students prepare for their GCSE and KS2 exams. They offer over 1600 tutorial videos in Maths and English, which are produced by top film producers and delivered by leading examiners. The videos are presented in bite-sized and engaging formats that are easy for students to consume.

How can they help?

SchoolOnline Classroom helps level the playing field by providing affordable exam revision support to children of all income levels. The platform allows teachers to track individual student progress and tailor assignments to specific children or groups for either in-class work or homework assignments. The auto-marking functionality of the platform provides teachers with more time to concentrate on those self-mark questions where students have been required to provide their workings out.

What do we think?

SchoolOnline Classroom is a great solution for improving your school's online teaching experience. With a wide range of resources, including a vast video library, flexible assignments, targeted interventions, instant feedback, and auto-marking, it’s a valuable tool to enhance student’s learning and an efficient and reliable choice for schools.

Top testimonial

"SchoolOnline Classroom has really helped shape the way we revise and refine the core skills for our oldest pupils alongside quality first teaching. It allows our children to experience SATs style questions interactively and at their own pace, developing self-confidence in the process. I can’t thank SchoolOnline Classroom enough for allowing us to use the platform and develop our children further.” - Assistant Headteacher

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