Renaissance presents Nearpod

Nearpod is a cleverly designed software tool that enables teachers to deliver engaging and interactive lessons through a variety of ways, either by creating their own lessons using their own resources, or by tapping into the high quality resources and lessons that are available.

What do they do?

Nearpod is an interactive teaching platform that allows teachers to create and deliver engaging and interactive lessons using pre-made or self-created resources. The platform can be used for both in-person and remote learning, and has a vast library of high-quality interactive lessons, activities, videos, and quizzes that teachers can choose from. Nearpod also allows teachers to create their own content, and has an assessment tool that automatically generates reports on students' progress. The platform is suitable for primary and secondary school students, including those with special educational needs.

How can they help?

A fully adaptable and interactive teaching platform with high quality resources to tap into Nearpod contains a vast library of high quality interactive lessons, including pre-made lessons for myON and Freckle, activities, and videos for teachers to use and adapt Teachers can choose to use the pre prepared lessons across many subjects and age groups, or to create their own. The lessons have a clear structure and teaching sequence. Teachers can choose to allow pupils to participate live, to give the pupil’s the chance to choose the pace (e.g. for remote learning), or to present the information as a front of class activity. Nearpod can be used to present information instead of using PowerPoint or Google slides. Nearpod has a ‘Draw It’ function, allowing teachers and pupils to model and share good work. Nearpod even has the ability for teachers to set homework tasks.

What do we think?

Nearpod is a very easy to use and adaptable teaching platform with an impressive amount of lessons and resources for teachers to tap into. It’s a great way for teachers to plan their lessons, and to see the progress that their pupils are making.

Top testimonial

'Nearpod is my presentation go-to that helps me deliver information or learning in a fun and efficient way. It allows me to assess my students with reports in real time. I can even share a code with adults then I can track who has accessed it. I often turn to the Nearpod library when I need a last minute lesson-- it gives me content to start with so I don't have to build a lesson from scratch.' Teacher

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