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Reading Solutions UK is the home of Reading Plus, the online programme which accelerates reading development. For KS2 – KS4, Reading Plus provides adaptive, personalised instruction to improve pupils’ fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

What do they do?

Reading Plus is an evidence-based, adaptive reading intervention and improvement program aimed at pupils in KS2 and above, designed to develop children's reading skills by increasing their vocabulary, comprehension, meta-cognition, and silent reading fluency.

How can they help?

- Develops pupils' fluency, stamina, vocabulary, comprehension, and motivation to read. - Personalised to each student's interests and academic strengths. - Offers an intelligent e-reader and content library called SeeReader®. - Incorporates the Reading Plus Guided Window system to build reading fluency and stamina. - Provides data-driven reports and resources for teachers to plan targeted interventions. - Ties in with the Education Endowment Foundation’s literacy framework and supports the National Curriculum aims. - Accelerates pupils' reading progress and closes the reading gap for disadvantaged pupils.

What do we think?

Reading Plus is a great tool for creating a personalised approach to teaching reading, helping to accelerate reading progress for all pupils. It provides data-driven reports and resources for teachers to design targeted interventions efficiently, saving valuable time.

Top testimonial

"Several Year 8 students needed support in the skill of 'reasoning and rhetoric', and the interventions were helpful. We then adapted our internal assessments to reflect the need for additional teaching here." Head of English

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