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We've developed a unique programme called "Heart Health for Headteachers." It is designed to help you understand the impact of stress on you, personally as a school leader, and to provide you with proven and scientifically validated tools and strategies that make measurable improvements to your health and wellbeing. Developed by Health and Wellbeing specialists, Dr. Carla Stanton and Maria Brosnan, the results with Headteachers so far have been extraordinary. ‍ “It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. It’s completely changed me as a professional.“James Newman, Headteacher, EPSOM AND EWELL HIGH SCHOOL‍

What do they do?

Heart Health for Headteachers is a short program consisting of four sessions that focus on coaching, biofeedback technology, and education/training to help headteachers effectively manage stress and improve heart health. The program can be conducted for individuals or small groups of 3-8 participants.

How can they help?

Key Features: Measurable improvement in Heart Rate Variability, a key marker of heart health Reduce anxiety, stress, and feelings of overwhelm in real-timeImprove problem-solving and communication in challenging situations Enhance sleep quality through scientifically validated self-regulation techniques Benefits of using Heart Health for Headteachers: Enhance heart health and overall well-being Better management of stress in professional and personal life Improved ability to handle difficult conversations and challenging situations

What do we think?

This is a really clever way to show how you respond to stress, and what to do about it. Stress is something that can be reduced with techniques and strategies, and Pursuit Well-Being’s Heart Health programme will help you to identify key stresses and learn how to deal with them in a positive and constructive way. For more information, visit https://pursuitwellbeing.com/headteacher-wellbeing-training/.

Top testimonial

“I’m not going to lie, I was reluctant to be signed up for this programme. For context, I’m a Primary Headteacher with reason to be concerned about heart health and I wasn’t keen to know the worst about my heart.  That, however, is not what the programme has been all about.  I have come away with a greater understanding of the impact of my heart health and my emotional state; a greater capacity to redress the balance when things are stressful and a new found willingness to share with my colleagues. It’s been enlightening – and I find myself to be largely ‘coherent’.” Headteacher JUNIOR SCHOOL ‍ “I found the sessions to be highly effective and uncovering the science behind emotional responses really helped deal with stressful situations. This is not what you would expect from a well-being session, and I would highly recommend them.  I am continuing to apply what I have learnt on a daily basis.” Headteacher PRIMARY SCHOOL 

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