Playground Projects

Playground Projects is one of the country’s leading installers of outdoor play and fitness equipment for children and adults.

What do they do?

Playground Projects focuses on bringing innovative and engaging learning experiences to students of all ages. Their goal is to create interactive, hands-on programs that help students develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills. Playground Projects offers a wide range of services, including curriculum development, teacher training, and educational consulting. They also design and build learning environments, such as makerspaces and STEAM labs, to provide students with the tools and resources they need to explore and experiment.

How can they help?

Playground Projects work with schools to develop and implement innovative and engaging curriculum that is aligned with current educational standards and promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills. They also provide professional development and training for teachers, helping them to effectively integrate new teaching methods and technologies into their classrooms.

What do we think?

Playground Project offers a range of services to help schools and nurseries create engaging and educational outdoor play spaces. We particularly like the customised playground designs and the focus on safety and durability. The outdoor learning programs and workshops are a fantastic addition that helps children develop new skills and knowledge in a fun and interactive way.

Top testimonial

"We are delighted with our new playground and have already noticed a huge difference in the children's physical activity levels and their enjoyment of outdoor play. The team at Playground Project were fantastic to work with and went above and beyond to ensure the final result exceeded our expectations." - Headteacher Primary School "Playground Project helped us transform our outdoor space into a vibrant and engaging learning environment. The workshops they provided were fantastic and really helped our children develop new skills and knowledge." - Nursery Manager,

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