OverDrive Education, a division of OverDrive, offers the industry’s largest catalog of ebooks, audiobooks, digital magazines and other content for over 55,000 K-12 schools and millions of students worldwide. The company's student reading app, Sora, provides every student with access to the right books. Supporting the need to read required curriculum titles, class sets and pleasure reading digital books, Sora’s powerful learning tools and insights help meet the needs of students and educators. Sora was named one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2019. TeachingBooks.net, acquired in 2021, complements Sora with one of the largest catalogs of original and curated literary resources. Founded in 1986, OverDrive – the leading digital reading platform for libraries – and OverDrive Education are in Cleveland, Ohio USA. www.overdrive.com/schools

What do they do?

OverDrive Education is a digital content provider, offering a vast collection of eBooks, audiobooks, and other digital resources to support reading and learning initiatives. 'Sora' can be accessed on any device, including desktops, laptops, and tablets, and includes a user-friendly interface with easy search and browse features.

How can they help?

- Curate your own collections of ebooks and audiobooks by age, subject and themes or use pre-built collections - Available 24/7 online or offline and across devices - Reading activity enhancements including notes, highlights and defined words — all exportable to PDF, CSV and Google Drive - Reading data and personalisation – Books read, total reading time, average time per book/session, achievements, avatars and more - Special Education Needs support– Audiobooks, dyslexic font, enlarged text and Read-Alongs

What do we think?

There is an amazing selection of books to choose from in many different languages and genres. They are easy to access on any device, at any time and place, and can be tailored to the reader’s individual needs by changing the style and weight of the font, the text and line spacing. We also like the fact that children can check the meaning of words and make notes about their reading.

Top testimonial

"OverDrive has been a game changer for our students and teachers. The variety and quality of eBooks and audiobooks available through the platform have increased engagement and helped our students become better readers." - Librarian "OverDrive is an essential tool for our school's reading program. The platform provides access to a wide range of books and resources that support our curriculum and help our students achieve their academic goals." - Teacher

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