Online Safety UK

Online Safety & Family Support services for schools. All done with annual subscriptions to work with schools for the entire year. Comprehensive reviews, to assess what you need and how to achieve it.

What do they do?

Online Safety UK (OSUK) is a leading provider of online safety training, resources and support for schools across the UK. They offer a range of services to help schools meet the requirements of online safety legislation and to keep children safe online.

How can they help?

Online safety training for staff and pupils Tailored online safety policies and procedures Support with online safety incidents and issues Regular updates on online safety issues and trends Online safety assessment and review service Access to online safety resources and materials

What do we think?

Online safety is an increasingly important issue for schools, and OSUK offer a range of services to help schools meet their legal requirements and keep children safe online. Their training and support is tailored to the needs of individual schools, and they provide regular updates on the latest online safety issues and trends. Overall, we believe OSUK is a valuable resource for any school looking to improve their online safety provision.

Top testimonial

“Online Safety UK provide us with excellent advice and support. They have an excellent understanding of the issues facing schools around online safety and their training has been really well received by our staff and pupils” - Headteacher, Bristol “OSUK have been incredibly supportive and knowledgeable in helping us to create a comprehensive online safety policy for our school. They have made the whole process simple and straightforward and we feel much more confident about keeping our pupils safe online as a result” - Headteacher, Leeds

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