Now Press Play

An award-winning immersive audio resource for primary schools that engages children in the curriculum through sound, story and movement with 80 Experiences.

What do they do?

Now Press Play is an award-winning immersive audio resource, engaging primary school children in the curriculum through sound, story and movement.

How can they help?

Each child is given a pair of wireless headphones. Immersed in sound, they become the main character in a story, meeting people, discovering places and solving problems on an educational adventure they’ll never forget. From climbing through rainforest canopy in the Amazon, to fighting a woolly mammoth in the Stone Age, the audio adventures increase engagement, extend life experiences and inspire children to produce quality writing. now>press>play is an inclusive resource which can be used as a whole class activity or with smaller groups for intervention work.

What do we think?

Now Press Play provides an innovative and engaging way for pupils to learn and explore different curriculum subjects through immersive audio experiences. It is a fantastic resource for teachers to use in the classroom or remotely and offers a cost-effective way to enhance the curriculum and provide an immersive learning experience for pupils.

Top testimonial

"Now Press Play is a fantastic resource that has transformed the way we deliver our computing curriculum. The children are fully engaged and love the interactive and immersive experience. It is so easy to use and saves us so much time planning and preparing resources. We would highly recommend Now Press Play to other schools." - Computing Lead, St. John's Primary School

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