NetSupport DNA

IT management with online safety tools to effectively track, monitor and manage school/MAT technology whilst protecting students.

What do they do?

NetSupport DNA is a comprehensive network and asset management solution for schools, designed to help them manage and support their IT infrastructure. The software is specifically tailored for education and provides a range of features to improve productivity, security, and compliance, while also reducing IT-related costs.

How can they help?

Network discovery and inventory: Allows schools to see all the devices and software running on their network, providing a complete picture of their IT infrastructure. Application and internet metering: Helps schools to monitor and manage their internet usage, track software usage and identify any underutilised applications. Power management: Provides schools with tools to reduce their energy consumption and lower their carbon footprint, by enabling remote power management of devices and identifying any energy waste. IT asset management: Enables schools to track their hardware and software assets, including purchase and warranty details, to better manage their IT inventory. Safeguarding and eSafety: Provides tools to help schools keep their students safe online, including web filtering, keyword monitoring and reporting on student online activity. Compliance: Helps schools ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, such as GDPR, and provide evidence of compliance when required. Cost savings: By providing greater visibility and control over their IT infrastructure, schools can identify areas for cost savings and optimise their IT spending.

What do we think?

The software's comprehensive features can help schools improve productivity, security, and compliance while reducing costs.

Top testimonial

"We have used NetSupport DNA for over three years and it has proved invaluable for tracking IT asset management, identifying underutilised resources, software licensing and support, internet usage, and power management... NetSupport DNA has also contributed to our energy saving programme with intelligent power management." IT Operations Manager, The Glasgow Academy

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