Marvellous Me

Parent Engagement, Home learning and Blended Awarding: Created by a once-disengaged dad, enables schools to give parents positive news about their child’s learning and achievements, without impacting teacher workload.

What do they do?

MarvellousMe is a parent engagement platform designed to inspire, involve, and empower parents in their children's learning and success. It provides positive, personal news to parents, encourages family conversations about school, digitises rewards and values systems, and supports teacher workload and well-being.

How can they help?

- Engages and involves parents and carers without adding to teachers' workload or risking their well-being. - Delivers learning-led and praise-led notes to parents, inspiring hard-to-reach families. - Digitises rewards and values systems, supercharging them with parent-pride and reinforcement. - Effortless and quick for teachers, with analytics for leaders to ensure whole school consistency. - Customisable badges for school values, learning powers, and rewards. - Protects teacher workload and well-being from unnecessary replies and out-of-hour contact.

What do we think?

✓ We like the fact it was built by a dad for parents to use. ✓ We like the fact that it can work along-side other communications systems, especially to modernise your rewards and values programme. ✓ We love the fact that separated parents, grandparents and carers can all join up to celebrate their child’s achievements. It’s so quick and easy. ✓We like the fact it protects teacher workload and well-being and gives leader full control and impact evidence. ✓ We love that it’s a UK business, with data hosted in the UK, and backed up by real people you can talk with for any help or tips. ✓ Excellent value for money. The process of implementing MarvellousMe was straightforward, the support was brilliant, and within two weeks, we had 99% of parents engaged, which is wonderful. The parents love the app, they enjoy seeing the rewards badges coming in and can have meaningful conversations with their children about the school day and what they like most is that the notification comes straight to their phone.

Top testimonial

“If you’re struggling to engage with parents due to social distancing, MarvellousMe is a great way to break down barriers and keep in touch with parents daily. It’s a quick and easy way to virtually bring parents into school life, in a safe and socially distanced way.” Headteacher, Primary School

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