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We provide school memberships and individual memberships to the the Literary Curriculum. This follows our 'Teach Through a Text' pedagogy which is designed to immerse children in a literary world, creating strong levels of engagement to provide meaningful and authentic contexts for learning. All curriculum objectives are covered and we also provide book-based resources for Reading and Spelling. We won the Teaching and Learning Award at BETT 2022 and the Best English Resource in the 2022 Teach Primary Award.

What do they do?

Literacy Tree is a digital resource for primary schools, providing high-quality and engaging English lessons for students aged 5 to 11. The lessons cover all aspects of the English curriculum, including reading, writing, spelling, and grammar, and are aligned with the national curriculum. The platform offers interactive activities, teacher guides, and assessments, making it easy for teachers to plan and deliver effective English lessons.

How can they help?

Aligned with the national curriculum: LiteracyTree's lessons cover all aspects of the English curriculum, ensuring that students are learning what they need to know. Interactive activities: The platform offers a range of interactive activities, such as games and quizzes, to make learning engaging and fun for students. Teacher guides: Each lesson comes with a detailed teacher guide, providing step-by-step instructions for delivering the lesson effectively. Assessments: LiteracyTree includes formative and summative assessments to help teachers track student progress and identify areas for improvement. Time-saving: The platform is designed to save teachers time by providing high-quality lesson plans and resources that are ready to use.

What do we think?

Literacy Tree has a range of high-quality English lessons teacher guides, and assessments, making it easy for teachers to plan and deliver effective and engaging lessons.

Top testimonial

"We have used Literacy Tree for several years now and it has transformed the way we teach English. The lessons are well-planned and engaging, and our students have made significant progress as a result." - Headteacher, London. "Using Literacy Tree has been a game-changer for me as a teacher. The lessons are so easy to follow and the interactive activities really help to keep students engaged." - Year 4 teacher, Manchester.

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