LinkyThinks provides students, educators and parents with fresh, innovative ideas for supporting learning at school and at home. Through innovative resources, dynamic workshops and inspirational training, LinkyThinks’ philosophy of ‘linking different ways of thinking’ has been adopted across UK schools and more recently, across the globe.

What do they do?

LinkyThinks Word Wheel Books are handy, high quality vocabulary reference tools for pupils to use in school or at home, to help improve vocabulary, and to give pupils the freedom to explore new ambitious words and phrases when completing work: Linky Thinks have three age brackets to choose from: Elementary Word Wheel Book (ages 6-9): Whether looking towards SATs or future 11+ entrance exams, the ‘ELEMENTARY’ Word Wheel Book allows students to independently discover new words & phrases to add to their repertoire. A perfect tool for children struggling to grasp/engage in class. Advanced Word Wheel Book (ages 9-13): suitable for children working towards SATS, 11+, 13+ exams or simply for enriching literacy & writing style (between ages 9-13 years). A useful tool that works alongside existing teaching methods and resources to maximise learning outcome. ‘Pro’ Word Wheel Book (age 13+): Suitable for teenagers and adults, from 13+, GCSE and A-level preparation, through to university and even for professional articulacy in the world of work. The 'Pro' book is an excellent resource for improving eloquence and promoting clear, elegant communication.

How can they help?

The LinkyThinks Word Wheel Books incorporate the core writing statutory requirements of the English Curriculum for KS2 through to KS4, making it an excellent resource for pupils to develop their writing skills independently. These books work alongside existing teaching methods and resources to maximize learning outcomes, and they have been proven to improve pupils' confidence, creativity, and writing quality. They cover a wide range of vocabulary, including morphology, etymology, homophones, silent letters, prefixes, and suffixes, and are available in different editions, depending on pupils' age and exam preparation needs.

What do we think?

Linky Thinks is an engaging literacy resource designed to help learners improve their confidence, independence and expand their vocabulary. It encourages learners to explore words and phrases, in a fun and interactive way. The products ease of use and high quality will make these ideal tools to use in the classroom.

Top testimonial

‘LinkyThinks Advanced Word Wheels has really helped some of my tutees. I can see a big improvement, not only in creativity, but in their confidence too.’ Sara, Specialist tutor  ‘I definitely feel that the children I teach have produced some wonderful writing which shows quality, variety and a richness which reflects the effectiveness of the LinkyThinks resources.’ Year 3 class teacher, Manchester

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