Learning Ladders

Learning Ladders is an online and in-class formative assessment system for Primary schools that brings together students, teachers, and parents to improve children's learning.

What do they do?

Learning Ladders helps Primary and Early Years teams to keep on top of assessment data, prepare for inspections, and keep parents informed. Powerful data, custom frameworks, automated student reports and linked parent resources in 100 languages.

How can they help?

Easy-to-use platform with quick access to relevant information. Bespoke assessment framework with "I can" statements that match the school's curriculum. Access for leaders, teachers, and parents for real-time communication. Virtual mark book for teachers to update pupil information and identify gaps. Ladders at Home feature with curriculum resources in over 30 languages. Summative reports for school leaders, teachers, and parents.

What do we think?

The Learning Ladders’ Early Years Module offers schools an excellent curriculum design tool which includes assessment, reporting and parent communication all in one place, and on a really easy to use platform. The fact that the EYFS Module links up to the Year 1 curriculum makes this a fantastic tool to show progress and achievement over time.

Top testimonial

"An inspirational tool to ensure meaningful assessment is at the heart of all learning." — Headteacher" I like all the new additions; they certainly enhance the site, especially the Gap Analysis and ability to print grids. The Grids look a really manageable way to work with children and parents." — Deputy Head Teacher

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