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At Leadership Edge, we know from personal experience that coaching is a deeply empowering pedagogy, which benefits school leaders, staff and students alike, providing a significant shift away from a top down, command and control direction, which is long overdue. We empower schools to build a coaching culture through a cascade training programme which creates competent, confident coaches over time, with ongoing support, so that quality conversations become the cornerstone of ‘the way we are’ at your school.

What do they do?

Leadership Edge offer a 3-tier ‘non-directive coaching’ package to improve a school’s culture, ways of working and staff well-being. This style involves participants being supported to use their own expertise and find their own solutions rather than being directed from above within a hierarchical structure. Leadership Edge believe that to be successful, coaches supporting others within school need to have experienced the coaching process before they can begin to support colleagues effectively, hence a tiered approach.

How can they help?

- Champion your school culture by embedding expectations of how people feel, talk and behave with each other - Encourage staff to proactively manage their professional development, working relationships and personal wellbeing - Support yourself by giving headspace to your strategic vision, leadership style and personal energy - Tangible results seen by our schools to date include: -From Special Measures to Outstanding within 3 years -High staff absenteeism to zero supply costs -From high staff turnover to easy recruitment with high-quality candidates -Poor performers with low morale becoming ‘unrecognisable’ with new drive and effectiveness -Accelerated professional progression such as TAs moving into teaching and leadership -Overworked pastoral and safeguarding professionals feeling valued and supported

What do we think?

Leadership Edge helps to promote your school's culture by establishing expectations for how individuals should feel, communicate, and act toward one another. It inspires staff to take charge of their personal welfare, professional development, and working relationships. It gives your strategic vision, leadership style, and personal energy by giving you some headspace to support yourself. This coaching programme allows a school to train, grow and support staff through non-directive coaching, developing a common understanding and allowing staff to feel empowered to bring their best self to school. Leadership Edge’s programmes are well thought through and has proven results in helping staff to grow and develop. If you’re looking for coaching programmes to help develop staff, then we recommend that you contact Leadership Edge.

Top testimonial

I often feel my coaching sessions are my sanity check! I can't see a time in the future when I won't need to have them, they make me think with greater clarity and explore the issues that are holding me back.​ - Primary Headteacher, West Midlands

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