Impero Software

Impero provides UK schools with cloud-based classroom control, device management and learner wellbeing solutions, designed to create safe and productive digital learning environments for all students – anywhere, on any device.

What do they do?

Impero Software provides classroom management and student safety software that supports digital learning in schools. It offers a range of solutions, including Impero Education Pro, Impero EdLink, and Impero Backdrop. These solutions help schools to manage their network, monitor student devices, and safeguard their students online.

How can they help?

Classroom management: Impero Education Pro provides tools for monitoring and managing student devices, such as screen sharing and remote control, to improve student engagement and learning outcomes. Online safety: The software includes internet safety features, such as web filtering and keyword detection, to safeguard students from harmful content and behaviour online. Network management: Impero EdLink provides a central platform for managing a school's IT network, including devices and software, from a single dashboard. Reporting and analytics: The software provides detailed reports and analytics to help schools understand how their IT network is being used and identify areas for improvement. Mobile device management: Impero EdLink allows schools to manage and monitor mobile devices used in the classroom, including tablets and smartphones.

What do we think?

Impero Software is a valuable tool for schools to manage and safeguard their students' digital learning experience, with comprehensive tools to manage their network, monitor student devices, and promote online safety. The reporting and analytics features enable schools to gain insights into how their IT network is being used and identify areas for improvement.

Top testimonial

"We have found the product easy to install and manage, and it has given us greater control of our ICT network. The helpdesk has been excellent and provided timely and effective support whenever needed." - Headteacher, UK "Impero Education Pro has been an invaluable tool for our teachers, allowing them to manage the classroom effectively and ensure that students are engaged and focused during lessons." - Assistant Principal, US

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