Fonetti is the interactive reading platform that encourages children to read aloud whilst improving accuracy. The School Portal gives teachers access to real time pupil reading data including accuracy, duration and where they’ve struggled.

What do they do?

Fonetti is a tablet-based interactive reading app for children that promotes reading practice and a love for reading while providing teaching staff with actionable reading data. The app uses speech recognition software to give instant feedback as children read aloud, turning words green when read correctly.

How can they help?

Key Features: Wide variety of books, including non-fiction, fiction, and curriculum-linked texts Suitable for all primary ages and abilities Real-time information for teachers on pupils' reading progress, accuracy, and areas needing support Easy book allocation for individual children or whole classes Built-in reward system to motivate and celebrate reading achievements Benefits of Fonetti: Inviting and engaging for children, promoting a love for reading Safe and secure platform for children to use Regularly updated library of texts for diverse reading options

What do we think?

We love how inviting the app is to use, how simple it is for schools to access and to see real time information on how to support children with their reading. We can see that children’s reading will improve using the app, and that children will love using it.

Top testimonial

“I’m a massive fan of Fonetti because of the inventive way it makes reading fun, engages young readers and captures their imaginations. I have always wanted to be involved in something that has the ability to change the world and I believe that this is that business which is why I agreed to support the business and become it’s Brand Ambassador.” Clare Balding CBE Broadcaster, Presenter & Author

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