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Enrich Education’s mission is to have a positive impact on young people’s health and well-being by providing services and products that promote creative, physically active learning experiences in schools. We are the UK’s largest provider of bespoke school orienteering courses with cross-curricular outdoor learning, training, and resources via our ‘School Orienteering and Outdoor Learning Hub’, the official School Orienteering Partner of The International Orienteering Federation and the only education partner of QuidditchUK, providing events, training, and equipment. Enrich Education’s reputation and standing are recognised nationally - Enrich is a Youth Sport Trust ‘Changemaker Business’, an Association for Physical Education Business Associate and a 1st4Sport endorsed training provider.

What do they do?

Enrich Education offers School Orienteering and Cross-Curricular Outdoor Learning packages designed to support physical activity throughout the curriculum. These packages include bespoke school orienteering maps, control markers, and access to a digital platform with cross-curricular lessons and resources. Enrich Education also provides Quidditch for Schools, a program aimed at engaging young people in physical activity through the popular fictional sport.

How can they help?

Bespoke school orienteering maps created by professional cartographers. High-quality, durable, and weatherproof control markers. Access to the School Orienteering and Outdoor Learning Hub for personalized content and seasonal activities. Option to upgrade for over 300 IOF-approved cross-curricular lessons and resources, and a 1st4Sport qualification in Cross-Curricular Outdoor Learning. Quidditch for Schools program offers an engaging alternative to traditional sports, with events, taster days, staff training, official equipment, and tournaments.

What do we think?

Enrich Education offer a range of high quality resources which encourage children to be active and to have fun whilst learning across the curriculum.

Top testimonial

“The Cross-Curricular Outdoor Learning was a fantastic, fun experience both for children and staff” – Head Teacher

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