England’s leading provider of stakeholder surveys, Edurio supports leaders to make informed decisions, set priorities and plan school development based on understanding the experiences of their staff, pupils and parents.

What do they do?

Edurio is a platform that provides a stakeholder feedback and analysis system for schools. It enables school leaders to make informed decisions, set priorities, and track progress by understanding the experiences of staff, pupils, and parents. Edurio offers expertly crafted survey content and the largest benchmark datasets on key priorities for multi-academy trusts. Edurio provides feedback collection and analysis on important topics such as retention, equality, diversity, inclusion, parental engagement, and safeguarding.

How can they help?

- Surveys designed in partnership with practitioners and subject matter experts - Interactive platform allowing for in-depth analysis as well as high-level results - Ability to track progress over time by including surveys as part of the school improvement process - Whole-school understanding of particular topics: beyond the loud minority - Ability to see how the organisation is performing compared with the national benchmark

What do we think?

Edurio’s surveys allow schools to track progress over time as part of the school improvement cycle. Edurio enables leaders to pin point areas of focus and improvements and to celebrate successes in an informative and intuitive way. We think Edurio is a valuable tool for leaders to use as part of their school improvement and evaluation cycle. It allows leaders to show evidence of improvement, and to know what needs to have a focus on in a clear and structured way.

Top testimonial

“In terms of the financial value of Edurio, I think it's a no brainer. If one survey's data gives you enough information to change something, which enables even just one staff member to stay, Edurio's service pays for itself.” COVMAT “Edurio helped us capture the culture of our trust in a way no other tool was able to do.” EEEA

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