CPI teaches professionals the skills to identify, prevent and de-escalate crises in the workplace. With distinct levels of training, CPI offers solutions for every role and risk level, in every organisation.

What do they do?

CPI Classroom Culture training is designed to prevent, reduce, and manage risk behaviors in schools. It aims to create a positive and respectful environment where students and staff can thrive and reach their potential. The training is available as a virtual 'train the trainer' Instructor Certification Programme.

How can they help?

The strategies include a common framework to provide teachers and support staff with standards that are both sustainable and practical. The virtual delivery platform eliminates the need for in-person training, reduces travel costs, and reduces time spent away from the classroom. Classroom Culture complements and strengthens your existing behaviour management activities by making principles simple to learn, implement, and repeat for teachers. The cost of recurring renewals is eliminated. This is a cost-effective training solution because the certification is valid for life.

What do we think?

HeadteacherChat recommends CPI Classroom Culture training for its focus on establishing a positive culture within schools and providing teachers with the support and skills needed to promote school-wide consistency and foster a safe and happy environment.

Top testimonial

“It was the best CPD I’ve had in the 8 years I have worked here. I left feeling uplifted and hoping we get to have the other sessions too.” Primary Teacher “This was one of the most implementable and useful pieces of training I have received.” Primary Teacher

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