Connections in Mind

A pioneering training provider specialising in the neuroscience of behaviour management, self-efficacy and well-being.

What do they do?

Connections in Mind offers a training program for teachers and parents to understand executive functions that allow individuals to take time to think before acting, resist temptations, approach challenges with flexibility, and to stay focused. The program aims to create a neuro-inclusive school where every member of the community feels that they belong and can flourish. The training is available online or in-person, and covers an introduction to executive function skills and neuroplasticity, pedagogical training, coach training, and SENDCo training. The benefits of using Connections in Mind include helping students and teachers understand their brains, reducing unexpected behaviors, increasing school attendance, and reducing spending on 1:1 SEN support.

How can they help?

- Students and teachers learn about their brains and why it can be hard to get things done. - It helps students and teachers to be kinder to themselves and to those around them. - Reduces unexpected behaviours - Increases school attendance - Reduces spending on 1:1 SEN support

What do we think?

Connections in Mind offers high quality, and well researched training that helps teachers understand how children learn and why some struggle more than others.

Top testimonial

“I learnt so much, and it completely opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking about our children - not just in my classes, but across the school. The case studies in particular resonated with me - as I could see examples of children I'd taught in those.”

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