Cambridge Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM)

Cambridge CEM – the data and assessment specialists from Cambridge – empower teachers and school leaders with more knowledge and insight than ever before. 

What do they do?

Cambridge CEM offers baseline assessments, wellbeing checks, and entrance assessments to help schools identify students' potential and support their growth. These adaptive assessments measure six key developmental areas, providing valuable insights for teachers and school leaders. With over 40 years of experience, Cambridge CEM aids in creating evidence-based development and early intervention plans and supports the Parent Pledge in providing evidence-based support in English and maths.

How can they help?

Cambridge CEM’s baseline assessments, wellbeing check, and entrance assessments help schools unlock every student’s potential. - Adaptive assessments that are more personalised and efficient - Predictions for GCSEs and A Level exams to enable early intervention - Online assessments with instant results, eliminating the need for teacher marking - Curriculum-independent assessments that align with any curriculum in any school

What do we think?

Cambridge CEM have produced high quality, easy to administer assessments which are adaptive to your setting and curriculum, making the process more personalised and efficient. The data can help schools gain a better understanding of their students' capabilities, which in turn enables them to plan for early interventions to improve outcomes.

Top testimonial

"It's so easy to use InCAS and it gives us information about the pupils that we can use for planning and learning, and it supports both teachers and leadership." Year 6 Teacher "We find the MidYIS assessment data useful in two main ways: as a cohort analysis tool, looking at predictions, trends, and analysing the value-added, as well as using the data in a more nuanced way as part of the overall narrative around each student to identify learning needs and monitor performance." Head of Learning Support

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