Bounce Together

Bounce Together provide an online survey platform for schools, helping them measure and monitor physical and mental wellbeing and the attitudes to learning of pupils, staff and parents.

What do they do?

BounceTogether is a survey platform that supports schools in measuring and monitoring the physical and mental well-being of pupils, staff, and parents. It provides a range of pre-loaded, validated surveys across twelve categories, including mental well-being and life satisfaction. The software enables schools to effectively monitor well-being, provide immediate evidence for change, and generate tangible data to support development planning. The Well Together service provides access to expert training, empowering schools to take charge of whole-school well-being.

How can they help?

Key features and benefits: Pre-loaded, validated surveys across twelve categories Ability to monitor physical and mental well-being of pupils, staff, and parents Immediate evidence for change and input for development planning Provides evidence for school action plan and inspections Efficient pricingExpert training available through the Well Together service

What do we think?

BounceTogether is invaluable in supporting any school to achieve its well-being goals. The software is highly intuitive and efficient, providing extensive data that can help schools quickly identify areas that need improvement.

Top testimonial

'Bounce Together is a great tool in being able to diagnose strengths and weaknesses across a whole wealth of areas. Once a quick, easy and user-friendly survey has been completed by either the pupil or staff member, you can then immediately see the results and set up an action that same day.' - Pocklington Junior School, UK

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