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Link Appraisal, Professional Development and Quality Assurance in one simple solution BlueSky Education’s award-winning platform allows schools to triangulate appraisal and performance management, continued professional development and school quality assurance processes, tailored to your organisation’s culture. Progress is easily evaluated, while staff are engaged through a rich, ongoing professional dialogue.

What do they do?

BlueSky Education provides an award-winning platform that allows schools to manage performance management, appraisal, continued professional development, and school quality assurance processes in a single entity. The platform provides a tailored approach to teacher appraisal that aligns with the culture of the organisation, whether it uses annual performance reviews or a continuous professional dialogue throughout the cycle.

How can they help?

BlueSky Education's platform promotes a forward-looking, ongoing cycle of collaborative growth within the school by providing equal opportunities to ALL staff. The platform efficiently links the progress and actions of individuals to the school improvement plan. Individuals can select, access and complete modules at their own pace and these are recorded in their individual CPD record. The platform also provides triangulated evidence that shows how staff are collaborating, which is useful for governors and trustees when monitoring and evaluating school-wide growth.

What do we think?

BlueSky Education’s approach to professional development empowers individuals to take ownership of their own development, and enables leaders to focus on building capacity and improving retention, alongside achieving their strategic goals.

Top testimonial

“With BlueSky everyone’s got the same entitlement, everyone’s getting the same experience. BlueSky gives us parity, clarity and consistency for all staff.” Deb Poole, Director of Staff Development, City Learning Trust “I absolutely recommend BlueSky. It is a solution to achieving consistency across a trust and is a universal tool that can be used in so many different ways to support school improvement and development, which ultimately has a positive impact on student outcomes.” Catherine Taylor, School Improvement Partner, Advance Learning Partnership

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