Amazing People

An award winning whole school approach to character and wellbeing for primary and secondary schools that draws Inspiration from the stories of some of the world's most Amazing People. Be more Amazing!

What do they do?

Amazing People Schools is an online platform that offers resources to help develop key character strengths in students, such as resilience, creativity, gratitude, and perseverance. The resources are engaging and easy to use, and can be used during lesson, circle or form time, and for assemblies in both primary and secondary school settings. The platform teaches pupils about key figures in history, with interactive stories, videos and audio stories, quizzes, lesson plans, assemblies, extended learning activities, wellbeing workouts, and toolkits.

How can they help?

The platform offers engaging resources that help to reduce workload, teach pupils about key characters in history, and establish key values and an inclusive culture within the school. The resources are thoughtfully planned across the age groups and help young minds to develop curiosity about key people in history, resilience, empathy, and kindness.

What do we think?

The vast array of resources that they offer, truly values diversity and representation, and helps to promote children's well-being, confidence, and self-esteem. Schools can provide children with the language and resources they need to explore and develop their unique qualities and character strengths.

Top testimonial

'Amazing People Schools enables educators to create a bespoke model that suits their own school’s needs. At my previous school, it was a powerful tool for increasing the social capital of our students. My next project will be two-fold. Firstly, in making real the character traits we expect students to exhibit and enabling staff to recognise and reward these; and secondly, as a tool to empower pupil premium students to take on the selective test and gain access to grammar education. In short Amazing People Schools, when used well, is a lever for social mobility.' Headteacher.

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