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At HeadteacherChat, we understand the importance of high quality educational tools. We've crafted this space to showcase the pinnacle of products and services in education, all carefully sourced by ourselves from companies that we know and trust. These solutions are tailored for you, ensuring a match for your unique needs. Whether it's to streamline processes, nurture student development, or boost staff well-being, explore our selection and find the perfect fit for your institution.

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CCEMHiS offers research-informed CPD provision to support the effective leadership of the whole school approach to mental health.

CCEMHiS is your go-to platform for research-informed Continuing Professional Development (CPD) tailored for the unique needs of schools and colleges. There primary focus is on nurturing effective leadership that supports a holistic approach to mental health and wellbeing within educational institutions.

I offer a coaching service for school leaders. I work via video call and offer a variety of coaching packages. I create a safe, non-judgemental space where leaders can talk through their challenges and goals and find clarity and perspective.

I help schools by helping their leaders. I offer a bespoke coaching service, tailored to the needs of individuals. I hold space for the difficult emotions that come up in the course of working as a school leader. I've been a leader myself for 17 years in this sector, so I understand the journey well. I also offer online training in how to bring more of a coaching style and ethos into your leadership and your organisation, so that your staff are empowered to do their best work.

Helping schools establish a meaningful connection with their students in a personalised and relevant manner.

- Unify is a comprehensive communication and engagement platform designed specifically for schools. It helps schools create personalised content, send out, track engagement, and gather valuable insights. - With Unify, schools can strengthen their relationships with parents and students, improve communication efficiency, and enhance the overall school experience. It's an invaluable tool that empowers schools to connect, engage, and thrive in today's digital world.

We provide clinician approved, ready-to-go programmes and resources that develop personal, social, and emotional skills for children aged 3 to 14 and in just 10 minutes a day. There is little training required and the programme can be tailored to each individual school.

With the rapid rise of mental health issues in children across the world, The Happy Confident Company is on a mission to help every child develop a strong sense of self-understanding and self-belief from the earliest possible age. We believe that early intervention and prevention are key to improving children’s wellbeing. Our programmes equip schools with all the essential tools to support children’s wellbeing and they are based on 4 pillars: 1. Teaching emotional literacy and social and emotional mental health through a full SEL programme containing more than 300 activities to teach 96 feelings. 2. Embedding gratitude and reflection through daily journaling. 3. Developing life skills such as self-awareness, resilience, creativity and compassion. 4. Introducing Mindfulness tools. Using these resources for just 10 minutes a day, Happy Confident schools transform children’s wellbeing by developing the skills and confidence they need to succeed. The impact of the programme is immediate with a large percentage of schools seeing a difference in just one week. The results are improved self-regulation, increased self-awareness and growth mindset, increased resilience, and greater compassion. Additionally, the programme benefits teachers by promoting positive behaviours and reducing time spent on behaviour management. Our resources are currently used in schools throughout the UK and internationally, with endorsements from clinicians, schools and charities. Several of the resources are being translated in other languages such as Dutch, Czech and Arabic version. Our commitment to developing children’s wellbeing drives us to constantly innovate and evolve our resources to help even more children worldwide. Join us on our mission.

How does Education Technology describe their product? “Technology can be a bewildering area for anyone in education, and for head teachers it can be yet another important item on the ‘To Do’ list that often doesn’t quite get the attention it needs! Elementary Technology is here to help you understand and embrace the vast opportunities technology brings to schools - teaching, learning, SEND, safeguarding, workload, wellbeing, engagement and lots more. As a leading specialist supplier of technology into schools, we will work with you on planning, choosing, buying and using the technology that suits your unique needs at your school. Classroom whiteboards, educational software, visualisers, classroom audio and similar is the biggest part of what we do, yet we also specify and install hundreds of school hall technology systems, sign-in technology, outdoor digital signage and lots more each year. Getting the technology into your school is just the end of the beginning though. The company are then committed to helping you make the most of it with ongoing training and support driven by their new Elementary Technology Academy. Teachers embedding technology into their day-to-day practice, to be more effective and more efficient – that’s where the magic happens!”

What are the benefits of using Elementary Technology? Free Classroom Healthcheck® provides a baseline report to help justify decisions, prioritise needs and standardise equipment Schools receive independent, detailed advice to allow a fully-informed decision to be made Access to provision is standardised, ensuring consistency and maximising teaching and learning opportunities School staff can ‘try before they buy’, discuss options with technology experts and attend training at the Experience Centre

eQuoo is a clinically-proven app, created to build resilience, emotional intelligence and personal growth in students.

Created by psychologists, our app transforms the emotional wellbeing in students by giving them 'real-life' scenarios to work through. Our groundbreaking, clinically-proven app combines the power of psychology, gamification, and interactive storytelling. Students will unleash their full potential as they embark on a thrilling adventure, where they will discover the secrets to emotional intelligence, resilience, and personal growth. Our resilience training programme also offers emotional learning for school staff who are looking to improve their ability to cope with challenging personal or professional situations and bounce back from hardship and adversity. Our research team have built a programme that contains clear, actionable steps for growth and continuing development which can be used as a training tool or as part of a personal or professional development plan.

Using the performing arts, One Day’s primary workshops create quality educational experiences that make learning fun.

One Day’s primary school workshops help both pupils and teachers to access the creativity in their curriculum. Available in-school and online, these drama-led days harness the power of the performing arts to bring key topics to life for children. The goal is to connect young people with learning, create quality educational experiences, and provide a creative complement to traditional classroom teaching. Opt for an in-school workshop and a talented facilitator will visit your school, using an exciting blend of drama, discussion and movement to engage pupils in your chosen topic. There are 80+ workshops to choose from, covering important school events like Anti-Bullying Week and Safer Internet Day, as well as a year round roster of popular History, STEM, World Culture, Literacy and PSHE workshops. Your entire school can also access 80+ online workshops courtesy of One Day Videos. The easy-to-use website is packed with presenter-led, curriculum-focused video workshops – each accompanied by informative Teacher Guides. At the click of a button, One Day Videos empowers teachers to co-facilitate creative education without all the arduous planning!

Now Press Play is an award-winning immersive audio resource, engaging primary school children in the curriculum through sound, story and movement.

Each child is given a pair of wireless headphones. Immersed in sound, they become the main character in a story, meeting people, discovering places and solving problems on an educational adventure they’ll never forget. From climbing through rainforest canopy in the Amazon, to fighting a woolly mammoth in the Stone Age, the audio adventures increase engagement, extend life experiences and inspire children to produce quality writing. now>press>play is an inclusive resource which can be used as a whole class activity or with smaller groups for intervention work.

TeachActive is a learning platform that provides schools with over 3000 lesson plans and resources on how to teach English and Maths through physical activity. They help schools meet their DFE physical activity recommendations by accessing the lessons for 60 minutes a day.

TeachActive is a fun and engaging way for children to learn Maths and English. Teachers can choose from ready-made lesson plans and easily integrate physical activity into their teaching. TeachActive also helps schools meet their physical activity requirements and promotes children's health and well-being. Can be purchased through PE and Sport Funding.

Welbee is an easy-to-use online evaluation and staff wellbeing improvement tool, designed to help senior and HR leaders create mentally healthy schools, retain and motivate staff, reduce costs, drive up student attainment and, where relevant, enhance their Ofsted Leadership and Management Judgement. It also provides a measure recognised in the DfE’s Education Staff Wellbeing Charter. Measurement of workplace wellbeing and how effectively leaders manage the risks of workplace stress is made easy using Welbee’s 10 minute online staff survey that uses the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) Management Standards to compare overall scores with those of other schools and organisations.

Key Features: Anonymous staff survey with detailed results and recommended actions Baseline measurement and progress tracking Heatmaps and analytics to identify areas of celebration and focus Benchmarking against other schools and the Health & Safety Executive's benchmarks Customisable filters for analysis Welbee Voice tool for ongoing feedback and communication Welbee Wellbeing Toolkit with over 100 resources Benefits of using Welbee: Saves time and reduces workload by managing the anonymous survey and providing detailed analysis and recommendations Evidence-built and independently evaluated survey and analytics for reliable outcomes Improved staff retention and reduced recruitment needsIncreased student attainment Ongoing remote support including advice, training, self-study options, videos, downloadable guides, and interactive courses

Securly is an online student safety solution designed for schools. It offers cloud-based web filtering, classroom management tools, and monitoring software to protect students from harmful content online. Securly also offers a range of features, including parent portal access and automated alerts for potentially harmful behavior.

Cloud-based web filtering: Securly offers cloud-based web filtering to protect students from harmful content online, including adult content, gambling, drugs, and violence. Classroom management tools: Securly offers a range of classroom management tools to help teachers manage their classrooms, including blocking access to websites, creating custom blocklists, and monitoring student activity. Monitoring software: Securly offers monitoring software that helps administrators monitor student activity online, including social media activity, web searches, and email communications. Parent portal access: Securly offers parents access to a parent portal where they can view their child's online activity, receive alerts for potentially harmful behaviour, and manage their child's account settings. Automated alerts: Securly's monitoring software sends automated alerts to administrators and parents when potentially harmful behavior is detected, including cyberbullying, self-harm, and suicidal ideation.

Trybooking is an easy-to-use online event booking and ticketing platform that helps schools manage various events such as concerts, Parents' Evenings, Open days, and PTA fundraising events. The platform is free for free events and has low fees for ticketed events.

- Free to use for all free events; low fees for ticketed events - Saves hours of staff time completing onerous and unnecessary administrative tasks. - So easy for parents and friends to use (no login/password required) for booking and receiving confirmation immediately day or night from any device. - Improves cash flow and donations. - Exceptional customer care, with telephone support available from a friendly, UK based team of experts at no extra cost. - Being cloud based, the school remains the data controller, simplifying any GDPR/ data protection requirements.” - 40 real time reports giving all information required at the touch of a button

Amazing People Schools is an online platform that offers resources to help develop key character strengths in students, such as resilience, creativity, gratitude, and perseverance. The resources are engaging and easy to use, and can be used during lesson, circle or form time, and for assemblies in both primary and secondary school settings.

The platform offers engaging resources that help to reduce workload, teach pupils about key characters in history, and establish key values and an inclusive culture within the school. The resources are thoughtfully planned across the age groups and help young minds to develop curiosity about key people in history, resilience, empathy, and kindness.

The National College is the streaming home for high-quality professional development in schools, trusts, nurseries, and colleges. We help you to enhance, manage and evidence all your CPD in one place, on one platform.

The National College is the streaming home for high-quality professional development in schools, trusts, nurseries, and colleges. We help you to enhance, manage and evidence all your CPD in one place, on one platform. We respond to the latest changes in education to support you in meeting your statutory and recommended training requirements, delivering 2,600+ courses, webinars, and resources for all roles, driving up standards with world-leading experts. Our platform allows members to plan, direct, monitor and report on their CPD in one place, and gives you the freedom to create, upload and share your own internal training.

Juniper Education is a leading provider of innovative software solutions for schools in the UK. Their range of products includes school management software, assessment tools, and safeguarding solutions.

Juniper have a range of products and services including: School management software to help schools manage their finances, HR, and pupil information Assessment tools to track pupil progress and generate reports for parents and teachers Safeguarding solutions to help schools keep their pupils safe Online platform for remote learning and homework Integration with third-party software to simplify school management Mobile app for parents to stay informed about their child's education

Fonetti, The Read Aloud App, is the award-winning speech recognition reading platform where children read aloud, receiving instant feedback and encouragement as they go. It has been proven that 74% of children improve their reading fluency and confidence when reading with Fonetti regularly. When children read the words aloud correctly, the advanced speech recognition turns them green. If they skip or misread a word, it turns subtly grey and they can simply double tap the word when they are ready for an audible clue.

Reading 1:1 with children and completing reading interventions in school can be time consuming tasks - Fonetti is a perfect way to overcome this problem. Children can use the app independently and read books at their level with no adults needed at all. Our unique AI analyses pupil reading data from the Fonetti app, reporting to teachers via dynamic dashboards in our web-based school portal. The Fonetti School Portal provides teachers with accurate, personalised pupil assessment data to support their pupils’ individual reading needs and identify vital next steps.

One Education is a multi-service provider based in Manchester, providing pupil and business related services to schools across Greater Manchester and beyond. From Finance, Governance and HR to Educational Psychology and SEND, they offer support across the whole school, empowering school leaders, business managers and teachers to champion excellence at every level. They deliver bespoke training opportunities and practical solutions, as well as strategic advice to drive school development. One Education equips staff with the tools and knowledge to continue meeting the needs of their pupils.

One Education offers support across the whole school, empowering school leaders, business managers, and teachers to champion excellence at every level. They have a team of education experts, including former school leaders, business managers, and teachers who provide high-quality services to schools. They put the child and their needs at the centre of everything they do, ensuring they get the support they need to reach their full potential. One Education offers a vast range of services, courses, conferences, and templates to meet the ever-changing needs and budgets of schools. They work collaboratively with other agencies, charities, social care, health providers, and academic bodies to continually enhance their service offer and secure the best outcomes for children and young people.

Learning Partnership is a CPD programme that offers high-quality, targeted continued professional development to help schools and teachers improve continuously. They work in partnership with schools and educators to identify emerging needs each year and tailor their CPD offer to help schools improve in the areas that matter the most. They offer training on pedagogy, school leadership, foundation subjects and curriculum development, providing development opportunities for teachers at all levels.

By supporting schools on their school improvement journeys, by providing timely, responsive, and effective CPD and JPD opportunities for staff. By working in partnership with schools by analysing SDPs, Ofsted reports, and conversations with school leaders, to identify emerging needs, evaluate impact and to provide schools with training opportunities that drive real school improvement. By offering you a truly bespoke CPD solution in line with your School Development Plan and training needs.

Do-BeMindful offer an evidence-based, whole-school approach to nurture a mindful and compassionate culture through: CPD for staff, every school’s greatest asset, empowering them to take ownership of their wellbeing. Easy to implement schemes of work for Early Years, KS1 and KS2 improving attention, awareness and emotional regulation. An inspirational online programme for parents/carers. Measuring impact. Our approach, which has delivered measurable, quantifiable outcomes and positive impacts in over 500 settings, begins with understanding your individual setting. We explore the challenges you are facing in terms of staff (wellbeing, retention, performance) and children (engagement, behaviour, resilience). With you, we tailor a plan to suit your individual needs and budget - from providing a few hours of consultancy to our three year whole-school programme.

'You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf' - Jon Kabat Zinn We always begin our journey with staff - they can't help pupils to become more emotionally resilient if they aren't in the right place. We empower staff to take ownership of their own wellbeing through our online CPD programme to make surfing life's waves a little easier! We measure impact with pre/post wellbeing evaluation. Over 2500 educators have completed our programmes and report positive impacts on - sleep and overall wellbeing - relational presence and connection - emotional regulation and agency Once staff have completed our wellbeing CPD programme, we move on to pupil wellbeing. We have easy to implement and engaging schemes of work for Early Years through to early secondary. The main benefits that teachers report are: Improved emotional regulation Increased attention and awareness Improved social and emotional skills We also provide a free, inspiring online programme for parents/carers - often they are struggling and children are going home to dysregulated parents/carers. We want to involve them, give them the skills, shared language and simple yet effective practical strategies for themselves and their children. Our aim is to help schools and settings to nurture a calm, kind and mindful culture.

Nautilus is an innovative, simple-to-use, and high-impact online school improvement tool designed to support school leaders in assessing and improving all aspects of school provision. It enables a more insightful view of everyday provision by combining lesson observations, learning walks, drop-in observations, and book studies.

Key Features: Photo-capture: Take photos, tag, and share best practices during learning walks and book studies Customisation: Create and edit observations, learning walks, and book studies; import/export and share them between schools; allocate subject responsibilities to observers Instant Feedback: Use 'Workflow,' individual reports, or whole school strategic reports for feedback Benefits of using Nautilus: Gain insights into every strength and opportunity for improvement in your school, academy, or MAT Provide up-to-date, evidence-backed monitoring for stakeholders such as Trust, RSC, inspectors, governing boards, and trustees

Leadership Edge offer a 3-tier ‘non-directive coaching’ package to improve a school’s culture, ways of working and staff well-being. This style involves participants being supported to use their own expertise and find their own solutions rather than being directed from above within a hierarchical structure. Leadership Edge believe that to be successful, coaches supporting others within school need to have experienced the coaching process before they can begin to support colleagues effectively, hence a tiered approach.

- Champion your school culture by embedding expectations of how people feel, talk and behave with each other - Encourage staff to proactively manage their professional development, working relationships and personal wellbeing - Support yourself by giving headspace to your strategic vision, leadership style and personal energy - Tangible results seen by our schools to date include: -From Special Measures to Outstanding within 3 years -High staff absenteeism to zero supply costs -From high staff turnover to easy recruitment with high-quality candidates -Poor performers with low morale becoming ‘unrecognisable’ with new drive and effectiveness -Accelerated professional progression such as TAs moving into teaching and leadership -Overworked pastoral and safeguarding professionals feeling valued and supported

Enrich Education offers School Orienteering and Cross-Curricular Outdoor Learning packages designed to support physical activity throughout the curriculum. These packages include bespoke school orienteering maps, control markers, and access to a digital platform with cross-curricular lessons and resources. Enrich Education also provides Quidditch for Schools, a program aimed at engaging young people in physical activity through the popular fictional sport.

Bespoke school orienteering maps created by professional cartographers. High-quality, durable, and weatherproof control markers. Access to the School Orienteering and Outdoor Learning Hub for personalized content and seasonal activities. Option to upgrade for over 300 IOF-approved cross-curricular lessons and resources, and a 1st4Sport qualification in Cross-Curricular Outdoor Learning. Quidditch for Schools program offers an engaging alternative to traditional sports, with events, taster days, staff training, official equipment, and tournaments.

Focus Education offers a range of education resources, consultancy and CPD courses to support teachers and school leaders in primary schools, academies, and early years' settings. We’ve been supporting schools for more than 30 years and are proud to be a trusted provider for primary schools and academies in the UK and internationally.

Focus Education provide a variety of high quality CPD courses (both online and face to face), educational publications, resources and downloads, and bespoke education consultancy for leaders and teaching staff in primary schools. Our team of experts include former school leaders and teachers, consultants and national leaders. We can support schools in a number of areas including school improvement, curriculum, writing, leadership, teaching and learning, self-evaluation and ofsted pre and post support.

Learning Ladders’ Early Years module is the solution to separate, disjointed early years systems, created in response to the updated Statutory Framework 2021. It offers flexible curriculum design tools, assessment, reporting and parent communication all in one system, bringing all information about a child’s development in one place. Whether used as a standalone module or activated as a module within a whole school Learning Ladders system, senior leaders, teachers and parents benefit from improved transition, communication and visibility of information. Schools retain all of the specialist tools for the unique requirements of the Early Years, whilst unlocking all of the benefits of one whole school system.

A flexible curriculum design tool with assessment, reporting and parent communication all in one system. Learning Ladders’ Early Years module provides flexible curriculum design tools to build a bespoke curriculum, importing objectives from multiple frameworks, including frameworks for bi/multilingual learners Visibility of the Early Years curriculum, data, observations and parent communication improves transition between phases. Year One teachers impactfully build on development secured in the Foundation Stage and Early Years practitioners benefit from visibility of the whole school curriculum intent. Barriers to establishing inclusive parent partnerships are removed. Parents benefit from translation tools to consume information about development in observations, two-way messaging and home learning in their home languages. Learning Ladders goes beyond simply sharing what a child is learning in school and provides support articles to build confidence for parents to become actively involved with learning at home. Tools to share and embed expertise from Early Years phase leaders ensure that children benefit from knowledgeable key workers.

Practice Pal is a suite of tailor-made tools for all stakeholders in music education. It implements the infrastructure to get everyone working together, including: time-saving, intelligent scheduling; integration with schools’ MIS; attendance writeback; progress tracking; safeguarded online lesson rooms; and a virtual guided practice corridor—a proven pedagogical technique exclusive to elite institutions, until now.

Practice Pal brings value, visibility and support to musical learning. Schools are able to work in harmony with their music programmes, allowing students to delight in music and benefit from the lifelong opportunities it offers. Additionally, parents are fully involved; music teachers have the headspace to focus on teaching; and academic staff have clarity on when students are leaving their class for music lessons.

Edurio is a platform that provides a stakeholder feedback and analysis system for schools. It enables school leaders to make informed decisions, set priorities, and track progress by understanding the experiences of staff, pupils, and parents. Edurio offers expertly crafted survey content and the largest benchmark datasets on key priorities for multi-academy trusts. Edurio provides feedback collection and analysis on important topics such as retention, equality, diversity, inclusion, parental engagement, and safeguarding.

- Surveys designed in partnership with practitioners and subject matter experts - Interactive platform allowing for in-depth analysis as well as high-level results - Ability to track progress over time by including surveys as part of the school improvement process - Whole-school understanding of particular topics: beyond the loud minority - Ability to see how the organisation is performing compared with the national benchmark

Heart Health for Headteachers is a short program consisting of four sessions that focus on coaching, biofeedback technology, and education/training to help headteachers effectively manage stress and improve heart health. The program can be conducted for individuals or small groups of 3-8 participants.

Key Features: Measurable improvement in Heart Rate Variability, a key marker of heart health Reduce anxiety, stress, and feelings of overwhelm in real-timeImprove problem-solving and communication in challenging situations Enhance sleep quality through scientifically validated self-regulation techniques Benefits of using Heart Health for Headteachers: Enhance heart health and overall well-being Better management of stress in professional and personal life Improved ability to handle difficult conversations and challenging situations

CMC School Food provides support for schools to create bespoke in-house catering services. Their range of services includes menu-planning, finance tracking and purchasing, catering safety systems, marketing, recruitment, staff absence and staff training, and safety audits, all supported by a dedicated CMC consultant.

- Bespoke menus created using quality produce purchased directly by the school through CMC audited suppliers - Confidence that legislations is adhered to, including COSHH, HACCP, Allergens, Risk assessments etc - Catering staff trained on the systems including Food Safety in Catering to Level 2 (included in management fee) - Daily catering management support from your dedicated CMC Consultant - Online CMC Kitchen Tracker system for phased monthly budgets, supplier orders and stocktaking, plus CMC Safety Systems and Recipe Book - Full control of your catering service with the peace of mind to know you’re supported all the way - They also provide kitchen safety systems with termly audits to ensure compliance.

TeachFX is an app that allows teachers to record audio of their lessons and receive AI-generated insights into the academic dialogue and teaching practices that promote deeper learning. This feedback helps teachers to reflect on their practice and make positive changes without relying on classroom observations.

TeachFX provides teachers with frequent and meaningful feedback that helps them to improve their practice and increase student voice and engagement in the classroom. The app is user-friendly and can be used on any device to create an audio recording of lessons, and the insights provided by TeachFX are based on research-supported teaching practices.

Trugs® is a phonics based reading resource for school and home. Trugs is a fun way to support those learning to read.

Trugs (for teachers), trugs at home (for parents) is a systematic synthetic phonics group of resources to enable anyone to help a child/student to progress their level of reading/spelling. The structured decodable card games combines the professional phonics side of learning with the fun side of playing card games in a hugely, effective and engaging way. The pupils will be succeeding in a manner that captures their enthusiasm and achieves incidental learning. By reading the words within the card games at the selected Stage pupils are able to practise reading by sounding out the phonemes in a word from left to right and blending them together all through the word until they can read the word automatically. Trugs are reversible games. So where the games can be used as reading games, they can also be used as spelling games, reminding them that spelling is the reverse of reading. For reading we look at a written word and blend sounds; for spelling we listen to a spoken word and segment it to identify the sounds. By using trugs you can practise, reinforce and consolidate reading and spelling, safe in the knowledge that by playing the games and having fun, the most effective teaching methods are being followed.

Brands 4 Schools are a creative agency that provides specialist design and communication services to the education community. Whether it’s showcasing your school brand, delivering an effective, strategic communications plan, or enriching the student learning experience, it starts with picking the right agency.

Creative campaigns........... Whether it’s improving attendance and punctuality or promoting your latest Progress 8 score, we can bring any campaign to life to maximise engagement and help ensure your objectives are met.............Student support materials..........From easing the stress of transition to supporting students through exam preparation and more, our design expertise will bring your student support materials to life................The learning environment...........From subject-specific wall art to outdoor banners and more, we can transform tired, uninspiring spaces with innovative designs that engage, influence and motivate!...............Communication support..........Whether it’s designing a school brand identity or a gloriously glossy prospectus, or creating engaging, strategic, communication campaigns, we can help you breathe life into school communications.

NetSupport DNA is a comprehensive network and asset management solution for schools, designed to help them manage and support their IT infrastructure. The software is specifically tailored for education and provides a range of features to improve productivity, security, and compliance, while also reducing IT-related costs.

Network discovery and inventory: Allows schools to see all the devices and software running on their network, providing a complete picture of their IT infrastructure. Application and internet metering: Helps schools to monitor and manage their internet usage, track software usage and identify any underutilised applications. Power management: Provides schools with tools to reduce their energy consumption and lower their carbon footprint, by enabling remote power management of devices and identifying any energy waste. IT asset management: Enables schools to track their hardware and software assets, including purchase and warranty details, to better manage their IT inventory. Safeguarding and eSafety: Provides tools to help schools keep their students safe online, including web filtering, keyword monitoring and reporting on student online activity. Compliance: Helps schools ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, such as GDPR, and provide evidence of compliance when required. Cost savings: By providing greater visibility and control over their IT infrastructure, schools can identify areas for cost savings and optimise their IT spending.

My School Wellbeing can automatically check in with your audience on a regular basis using our library of proven questions, or alternatively, you can fully customise the experience by using the question and schedule management tool. Connect the my School Wellbeing platform to your MIS (UK Only) via Wonde to send checkpoints via email or use our shareable OnDemand link. We will then provide you with an easy to digest wellbeing report directly into your inbox. Your personal wellbeing report provides you with a monthly Wellbeing Score © that can be tracked over time, enabling you to create a focused Wellbeing strategy. My School Wellbeing has been designed with the Ofsted framework in mind, our wellbeing reports are perfect to demonstrate how you are engaging effectively with all stakeholders and responding to wellbeing concerns in a meaningful way.

My School Wellbeing can automatically check in with your audience on a regular basis using our library of proven questions, or alternatively, you can fully customise the experience by using the question and schedule management tool. Connect the my School Wellbeing platform to your MIS (UK Only) to send checkpoints via email or use our shareable OnDemand link. We will then provide you with an easy to digest wellbeing report directly into your inbox. Your personal wellbeing report provides you with a monthly Wellbeing Score © that can be tracked over time, enabling you to create a focused Wellbeing strategy. My School Wellbeing has been designed with the Ofsted framework in mind, our wellbeing reports are perfect to demonstrate how you are engaging effectively with all stakeholders and responding to wellbeing concerns in a meaningful way.

SchoolOnline Classroom provides video-based tuition to help students prepare for their GCSE and KS2 exams. They offer over 1600 tutorial videos in Maths and English, which are produced by top film producers and delivered by leading examiners. The videos are presented in bite-sized and engaging formats that are easy for students to consume.

SchoolOnline Classroom helps level the playing field by providing affordable exam revision support to children of all income levels. The platform allows teachers to track individual student progress and tailor assignments to specific children or groups for either in-class work or homework assignments. The auto-marking functionality of the platform provides teachers with more time to concentrate on those self-mark questions where students have been required to provide their workings out.


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SchoolOnline is proven to improve your students' grades by 100.5% in just 6 weeks, with over 1350 step-by-step videos from the nation’s top examiners in GCSE/KS2 English & Maths designed to help students ace their exams and unlock the door to their future success. Hands-on onboarding process gets you using the system quickly and easily with face to face training offered free of charge to ensure that you are provided with all of the tools available to support your students. Affordable pricing means that small institutions can take advantage of our outstanding platform. Our powerful functionality allows schools to set detailed, auto-marked revision assignments for their students with high levels of insight into student engagement and analytics on strengths and weaknesses while supporting students in their learning with our targeted video explanations of each question. In addition to this, we have introduced a universal search function so that you are able to set topic specific assignments to check your learner’s knowledge. Within schools, our English and Maths tutorial videos can be used within a classroom setting to support the curriculum, or assignments can be set for students to work through independently, either at home or at school. We recently ran another community-based trial collaborating with Charlton Athletic Community Trust, where KS2 students used our platform for 30 minutes each in English and Maths over six weeks. The students improved their Maths scores on average by 76.7% and their English by 100.5%. Shortlisted in the 2023 BETT Awards: Primary Digital Learning Product - Maths; High Commendation in the Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence Awards 2022, Finalists in the 2022 Bett Awards in Primary Digital Learning Product – Maths, Primary Digital Learning Product – English and Educational Resource for Parents or Home Learning; Finalists in ERA Awards 2021 and Winners in SME Enterprise Awards 2020.

Sign In Central Record is a digital sign-in system designed for schools and businesses to track visitor and staff sign-ins. Offering an easy and secure way to sign in visitors, contractors, and staff and keep a record of their movements. The system helps to improve safety, save time, and maintain compliance with data protection regulations.

- Quick and easy sign-in process for visitors and staff - Real-time notifications to hosts via email or SMS - Customisable visitor badges - Records and stores visitor information securely - Provides accurate records of visitor and staff movements - Reports to meet compliance requirements - Easy to set up and use

Cornerstones' Curriculum Maestro is an online teaching and learning platform that allows schools to develop, deliver, and manage an inspiring and cohesive curriculum. It provides teachers with a choice of activities and plans, live analysis and assessment, and a skills and knowledge framework to help children make great progress. It includes CurriculumPRO, which enables leaders to interrogate the sequencing of curriculum concepts and demonstrate the overarching connections and interconnections of their curriculum.

- All-in-one platform for curriculum design, delivery, and management - Meticulously planned lesson sequences providing engaging learning opportunities - Assessment tracker for real-time assessment opportunities - Option to create and upload own resources to the knowledge and skills progression framework - CurriculumPRO for analysing and inspecting curriculum concepts - Reduces workload for staff - Ensures coverage and progression of national curriculum programs of study - Provides quality planning, teaching, and assessment resources - Free access to the complete White Rose Maths Scheme and SMSC and FBV resources

Wonde is a cloud-based data integration platform that helps schools to streamline their administrative tasks and save time. With Wonde, schools can easily and securely transfer data between their management information system (MIS) and third-party applications.

Wonde connects your school's MIS to over 2,000 education apps and services. It provides a centralised data platform, ensuring data accuracy, consistency and security. Wonde's intuitive user interface allows schools to manage their data with ease, from attendance and assessment to student details and more. It saves schools time and money by eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing errors. Wonde helps schools comply with GDPR and other data protection regulations.

ReallySchool is a mobile app and web-based platform designed to help teachers track, assess and monitor student progress. The app enables teachers to capture evidence of learning and easily input it into the app, where it can be used to generate reports and provide a comprehensive overview of student progress.

Teachers can easily capture evidence of learning using the app, including photos, videos, and audio recordings. Student data can be quickly and easily inputted into the app, which can then be used to generate reports. ReallySchool provides a comprehensive overview of student progress, making it easier for teachers to identify areas where students may be struggling. The app also allows teachers to share student progress with parents, providing them with regular updates on their child's learning. ReallySchool is GDPR compliant, ensuring that student data is kept secure at all times. The platform is cloud-based, which means that it can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

Teacher Fast Feedback is a portable device designed to help teachers provide quick and efficient feedback to students while reducing their workload. The device connects to an app, allowing for easy translations, template selections, and even dictation of punctuation.

Teacher Fast Feedback is a handy, portable device which allows teachers to provide feedback to pupils quickly and efficiently. It helps to: Improve the quality of feedback Increase pupil engagement Reduce teacher workload What else can you use it for? To support pupils with SEND To support pupils with EAL To create all sorts of resources, such as classroom labels and instructions. ….the possibilities are endless!

NetSupport Notify is a multi-platform mass notification system designed for schools to deliver instant alerts and messages to staff, students, and stakeholders. It enables users to send notifications to all connected devices, including desktops, mobile devices, and digital signage, ensuring timely delivery of critical information.

Real-time mass notifications: Allows schools to send real-time alerts, notifications, and messages to all connected devices, ensuring timely delivery of critical information. Multi-platform support: Supports multiple platforms, including Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android, enabling organisations to reach staff, students, and stakeholders on any device. Customisable notifications: Provides customisable notification templates, enabling schools and businesses to send personalised messages and alerts with images, audio, and video content. Remote deployment and management: Offers remote deployment and management features, allowing administrators to send notifications from anywhere, anytime, using any device with internet connectivity. Audit trail: Provides an audit trail of all sent notifications, enabling administrators to track notification history and monitor message delivery.

Rahmqvist is a UK-based supplier of high-quality stationery and office supplies, such as pens, markers, and notebooks.

Wide range of stationery and office supplies: Rahmqvist offers a variety of pens, markers, notebooks, and other essential office supplies. High-quality products: Rahmqvist products are known for their durability and reliability, making them a cost-effective option for schools and businesses. Eco-friendly options: They offer environmentally friendly products such as recycled paper notebooks and refillable pens.

Drive your school performance with a combination of high-tech self-evaluation software, real-time improvement planning & high-impact traditional coaching under a single subscription. Evaluate-Ed takes the pain out of school improvement. It provides ongoing, dynamic analysis of school progress against improvement plans. The government is encouraging MATs to grow and merge. For MATs, Evaluate-Ed offers fast, accurate performance comparisons across schools within the trust. It also assesses whether prospective schools will fit into the trust family and highlight any risks or areas of concern. No need to rely on 12-month improvement cycles. Use short cycles to meet school improvement objectives. Record your progress towards targets. Provide up-to-date and evidence-backed self-evaluation via a single link – perfect for remote access. Understand strengths and opportunities for improvement. Access expert advice to help you move towards ‘outstanding’ in every competency. Simple to use, intuitive, and powerful in the analysis of your school, academy or trust. Video micro-consultations from sector experts help to explain next steps and common pitfalls to avoid.

Evaluate-Ed is an intuitive tool for schools to use in order to track their school improvement goals across all areas of school life including premises, Governors and Finance. Each section has a question for leaders to consider with pre-populated answers for leaders to choose from, saving them time and energy when it comes to school improvement. You can also upload your key documents as evidence. Evaluate-Ed makes reporting easier, with all of your school improvement planning and documents in one place, online in a secure platform, yet easy to share with governors and stake holders. It puts leaders in control of their school’s improvement journey. The extensive data generated as a result of the evaluation questions provides evidence against your development plan and inspection preparation, and you can quickly see what is working well and what needs to be improved.

MarvellousMe is a parent engagement platform designed to inspire, involve, and empower parents in their children's learning and success. It provides positive, personal news to parents, encourages family conversations about school, digitises rewards and values systems, and supports teacher workload and well-being.

- Engages and involves parents and carers without adding to teachers' workload or risking their well-being. - Delivers learning-led and praise-led notes to parents, inspiring hard-to-reach families. - Digitises rewards and values systems, supercharging them with parent-pride and reinforcement. - Effortless and quick for teachers, with analytics for leaders to ensure whole school consistency. - Customisable badges for school values, learning powers, and rewards. - Protects teacher workload and well-being from unnecessary replies and out-of-hour contact.

Blippit Boards allows all staff to capture, tag and report on subject evidence from wherever it or they may be. Multiple tags can be added to capture the whole context meaning that while only one copy of a piece of evidence may be needed to support a piece of learning, insights are there to be had from different perspectives.

Subject leaders can share the reports with stakeholders for monitoring purposes, to show progress, the impact of initiatives and to support any actions taken. They can also be used for sharing good practice and providing support to individual teachers and year groups. Some schools give Governors access to the system to allow them to gather their evidence from monitoring visits. - Monitoring support for all subject leaders - Easy and quick to use to capture and tag evidence of learning - Creates reports in seconds for monitoring and sharing - Very affordable 12 months subscriptions

School Spider is an all-in-one software solution for primary schools that combines website design, parent communications, bookings, and payments into a single platform. It saves schools time and money by eliminating the need to purchase and learn multiple systems. Used by over 1,000 primary schools in the UK, it is proven to save schools up to £3,000 per year.

One software for multiple school tasks. Integrates with all major MIS systems Parent Communications, Website Design, and Bookings & Payments all in one place Staff calendar, chat function, and pupil section included. What are the benefits of School Spider? Saves money by not having to buy multiple systems Saves time spent on everyday tasks Simplifies staff management of parental engagement Makes it easy for parents to engage and interact with the school Maximises parental engagement

Developing and delivering personalised continuing professional development for the special education needs and disability community. Bringing together profiled presenters in their respective fields to deliver informative awareness sessions in the areas SEND.

The SEND group offer a variety of products and services including: - Training options including webinars on a variety of topics. - SEND Resources - SEND Guide - Trugs - Events

Schools Advisory Service (SAS) specialises in providing support and advice to schools throughout the UK. SAS offers a range of services, including HR support, legal advice, financial guidance, and educational consultancy. They work with schools of all sizes and types, from small primary schools to large secondary schools, and provide customised solutions tailored to each school's unique needs and challenges. In addition to their advisory services, SAS also offers a range of training and development programs for school leaders and staff. These programs are designed to help schools improve their performance and achieve their goals, whether that's improving student outcomes, enhancing staff well-being, or streamlining operational processes.

Key Features and Benefits: Tailored insurance packages to suit individual school needs Comprehensive whole-school well-being support package Support for both staff and pupils Proactive prevention of staff absences Tools to meet Ofsted criteria for a positive well-being culture SAS enables schools to: Protect their budget by transferring risk to the insurer Customise insurance products to meet specific needs Access complimentary and confidential health and well-being services Prevent staff absences and promote a positive well-being culture

An online writing platform that inspires engagement in the writing process Schools can choose from a range of Book Packs (and adapt them to meet their needs). These Book Packs will include resources to support schools to plan their writing projects. Schools can also use GoWrite+ for individual writing activities that do not have a published outcome, but still support the features of BoomWriter™ - designed to support remote learning. Schools can use BoomWrite to enhance their current writing provision and build it into existing curriculum.

The BoomWriter App is perfect for remote and in-class learning. Beautifully produced visual literacy resources ensure children have a high-quality writing experience. It saves time and money for the school by removing the need for paper-based writing books for remote learning. The reward system encourages children to write, pupils can share their work easily amongst their peers, and BoomWriter™ supports the drafting purpose. It also provides personalised paperback books at the end of the project.

Zen Educate offer a National Tutoring Programme service: Qualified teachers for face-to-face tutoring Long-term and ongoing support for tutors Lower costs than traditional agencies Online platform to match tutors to pupil needs Ability to track attendance and pupil attainment Tutor programmes facilitated by experts in education

Zen Educate NTP will listen and talk with you about what you want and how they can most usefully work with you. They ensure their tutors understand the needs of your pupils and how they can be supported to learn. Tutoring may take the form of consolidating learning and embedding particular skills, or explicit teaching curriculum of areas where there are gaps in knowledge. It may be useful to share pupil profiles with tutors at your school so they know how to support individual pupils. Tutors will work within the SEN Code of Practice using the Graduated Approach of Assess, Plan, Do, Review.

CPOMS StaffSAFE is the intuitive system for schools to track, record and report all staff information. Within CPOMS StaffSafe you can upload, keep, record and govern all information regarding adults working within your setting. From managing and maintaining your SCR to creating a chronology regarding information about individuals, CPOMS StaffSafe is easy to use, easy to access and easy to manage.

Easy to use, access, and manage software for safeguarding in schools. Enables schools to monitor whole school, group, and individual compliance. Allows schools to track patterns emerging for individual staff members, ensuring they receive timely support. Helps schools record information about individuals such as performance management and welfare concerns. Fully customisable dashboard allowing leaders to add information they need to monitor their school. A useful tool for the recruitment process, allowing schools to quickly record checks and monitor SCR and manage staff documentation.

Vivify Venues aims to create additional revenue for schools by utilising their facilities outside of regular school hours with an easy-to-use solution for managing, promoting, and booking their facilities for various events and activities.

Key Features: - Simplified facility management: - Manage your school's facilities, bookings, and invoicing through a user-friendly platform. - Customisable booking system: Tailor the booking system to your school's specific needs and requirements. - Promote your facilities: Increase visibility and reach a wider audience through the platform's promotional tools. - Easy booking process: Allow users to book and pay for facilities online, making the process more efficient and convenient for both the school and the community. - Dedicated support: Vivify Venues offers support and guidance to ensure the success of your facility bookings.

Zen Educate is an online platform that allows schools and education staff to be connected quickly and easily. This gives schools far more control over the supply staff they use. With the Zen app, schools can see staff profiles and availability, so they can meet their pupils’ unique needs more carefully – saving school leaders hours of admin. Zen Educate connects schools with high-quality staff, all of whom undergo a rigorous vetting process, including an interview, certified safeguarding training and background checks, discussions around behaviour management and constant CPD and upskilling with in-app training, podcasts and blogs, on topics such as SEN and EYFS.

Schools can instantly book staff Lower cost for high-quality staff Rigorous vetting process that goes above and beyond DfE requirements

NetSupport ServiceDesk is a cloud-based ITIL service management software that enables schools and businesses to efficiently manage IT support requests. It includes features such as a web-based help desk portal, automated workflows, asset management, and reporting tools.

Web-based help desk portal that allows users to log support tickets from anywhere, at any time. Automated workflows to streamline the support ticket process and ensure requests are resolved quickly and efficiently. Asset management tools to track hardware and software inventory, ensuring that all equipment is accounted for and up-to-date. Reporting tools to analyse support requests, identify trends, and improve IT service delivery. Customisable user interface to match a school or business' branding and personalise the help desk portal for end-users.

Nearpod is an interactive teaching platform that allows teachers to create and deliver engaging and interactive lessons using pre-made or self-created resources. The platform can be used for both in-person and remote learning, and has a vast library of high-quality interactive lessons, activities, videos, and quizzes that teachers can choose from. Nearpod also allows teachers to create their own content, and has an assessment tool that automatically generates reports on students' progress. The platform is suitable for primary and secondary school students, including those with special educational needs.

A fully adaptable and interactive teaching platform with high quality resources to tap into Nearpod contains a vast library of high quality interactive lessons, including pre-made lessons for myON and Freckle, activities, and videos for teachers to use and adapt Teachers can choose to use the pre prepared lessons across many subjects and age groups, or to create their own. The lessons have a clear structure and teaching sequence. Teachers can choose to allow pupils to participate live, to give the pupil’s the chance to choose the pace (e.g. for remote learning), or to present the information as a front of class activity. Nearpod can be used to present information instead of using PowerPoint or Google slides. Nearpod has a ‘Draw It’ function, allowing teachers and pupils to model and share good work. Nearpod even has the ability for teachers to set homework tasks.

NetSupport School is a leading classroom management software solution. With features like real-time instruction, remote control, and assessment tools, this software helps teachers in delivering engaging and effective lessons while monitoring students’ progress.

Classroom management: NetSupport School allows teachers to manage their classroom environment in real-time. Teachers can monitor, guide, and interact with students’ devices, and collaborate with their students using a variety of tools. Interactive teaching: With NetSupport School, teachers can deliver engaging and interactive lessons. The software offers a range of multimedia tools such as interactive whiteboards, audio distribution, and chat messaging, which make lessons more dynamic and effective. Assessment: NetSupport School provides teachers with a range of assessment tools that enable them to track student progress in real-time, provide instant feedback, and adjust teaching accordingly. These features include quizzes, surveys, and online testing. Remote control: NetSupport School’s remote control feature enables teachers to remotely control and troubleshoot students’ devices. This helps to save time and increase productivity, as teachers can quickly fix any issues without having to leave their own device. Easy-to-use: NetSupport School is easy to use, even for non-technical users. The software has an intuitive interface and comes with user-friendly manuals and video tutorials.

LinkyThinks Word Wheel Books are handy, high quality vocabulary reference tools for pupils to use in school or at home, to help improve vocabulary, and to give pupils the freedom to explore new ambitious words and phrases when completing work: Linky Thinks have three age brackets to choose from: Elementary Word Wheel Book (ages 6-9): Whether looking towards SATs or future 11+ entrance exams, the ‘ELEMENTARY’ Word Wheel Book allows students to independently discover new words & phrases to add to their repertoire. A perfect tool for children struggling to grasp/engage in class. Advanced Word Wheel Book (ages 9-13): suitable for children working towards SATS, 11+, 13+ exams or simply for enriching literacy & writing style (between ages 9-13 years). A useful tool that works alongside existing teaching methods and resources to maximise learning outcome. ‘Pro’ Word Wheel Book (age 13+): Suitable for teenagers and adults, from 13+, GCSE and A-level preparation, through to university and even for professional articulacy in the world of work. The 'Pro' book is an excellent resource for improving eloquence and promoting clear, elegant communication.

The LinkyThinks Word Wheel Books incorporate the core writing statutory requirements of the English Curriculum for KS2 through to KS4, making it an excellent resource for pupils to develop their writing skills independently. These books work alongside existing teaching methods and resources to maximize learning outcomes, and they have been proven to improve pupils' confidence, creativity, and writing quality. They cover a wide range of vocabulary, including morphology, etymology, homophones, silent letters, prefixes, and suffixes, and are available in different editions, depending on pupils' age and exam preparation needs.

Learning Ladders helps Primary and Early Years teams to keep on top of assessment data, prepare for inspections, and keep parents informed. Powerful data, custom frameworks, automated student reports and linked parent resources in 100 languages.

Easy-to-use platform with quick access to relevant information. Bespoke assessment framework with "I can" statements that match the school's curriculum. Access for leaders, teachers, and parents for real-time communication. Virtual mark book for teachers to update pupil information and identify gaps. Ladders at Home feature with curriculum resources in over 30 languages. Summative reports for school leaders, teachers, and parents.

A lifesaving transfer service for critically ill babies and children. When a child is too sick to travel, we can fly medical teams and bespoke equipment to them from across the UK, turning their local hospital into a specialist centre.

One of the ways we support our lifesaving service is by our reuse department. We work with schools to help them with their sustainability aims by offering them to host a free clothing bank for lost property and giving parents and staff a convenient way to donate preloved items that might otherwise end up in landfill. This works well as a project for an eco-team or as part of the curriculum to teach about the importance of recycling and reuse. We also offer a data wiping and IT recycling service for redundant equipment.

The 1decision resources support schools to evidence 'outstanding' personal development through a fully kite-marked PSHE & RSHE programme (which includes British values). 1decision resources are already being used in over 47 counties across the UK. Our unique, kite-marked, and interactive bank of life skills resources has been created to support PSHE, SMSC development, and safeguarding, through a sequence of topics which have recently been updated to support the new statutory changes in Health Education and Relationships Education. Their extensive range of topics and assemblies ultimately reduce planning time for teachers whilst providing a 21st century approach to Early Years PSED and Primary PSHE. Resources are mapped to the Early Learning goals, statutory RSHE guidance, British values and the PSHE Association’s Programme of Study. Visit their website to try many resources for free and discover our unique core of videos with alternative endings.

“Prevention not cure” is 1decision’s philosophy and to deliver this, they have developed a vast range of resources to provide a programme for EYFS and primary ages. The thorough curriculum map removes the burden of planning and ensures coverage with nine modules/ year group (years 1 – 6). The lesson plans are very user-friendly, deliberately not long and wordy and they include key questions attached to screenshots of video/powerpoint slides, saving teachers’ time and making them easy to deliver and most importantly, to support you in evidencing progression for every child in your care.

imoves is an online platform of resources for primary schools to help teachers feel super confident delivering PE lessons and building daily activity classrooms.

imoves award-winning resources are designed to support primary school teachers in delivering fun and engaging physical education (PE) lessons to their students. These resources cover a range of activities, including fundamental skills for games, dance, gymnastics, outdoor and adventurous activities (OAA), athletics, and even Pilates and core strength. The aim is to help non-specialist teachers deliver their lessons with confidence and without the need for extensive training. Their Active 30 resources consist of a library of 250 short, fun, active blast movies that students can follow along with from behind their desks or chairs. These movies cover a variety of activities and are updated daily, with a new one featured each day of the week. Mighty Monday is all about building strength and resilience, while Funky Friday is focused on having fun and getting your groove on. In addition to Active Blasts, they also offer Active Learning lessons in key subjects such as maths, literacy, science, humanities, and mental wellbeing. These lessons are designed to help teachers get their students moving during the more sedentary parts of the day.

Cambridge CEM offers baseline assessments, wellbeing checks, and entrance assessments to help schools identify students' potential and support their growth. These adaptive assessments measure six key developmental areas, providing valuable insights for teachers and school leaders. With over 40 years of experience, Cambridge CEM aids in creating evidence-based development and early intervention plans and supports the Parent Pledge in providing evidence-based support in English and maths.

Cambridge CEM’s baseline assessments, wellbeing check, and entrance assessments help schools unlock every student’s potential. - Adaptive assessments that are more personalised and efficient - Predictions for GCSEs and A Level exams to enable early intervention - Online assessments with instant results, eliminating the need for teacher marking - Curriculum-independent assessments that align with any curriculum in any school

The headteacher’s report has been developed in partnership with Headteachers, Leaders in Governance and OFSTED Inspectors. The headteacher’s Report has all the information that Governor’s and stakeholders need in a quick to produce and simple to understand format. It links to your MIS data, so it can extract information quickly and accurately. The reports include graphs and tables to highlight strengths and areas for improvement. It supports governors’ understanding of OFSTED by linking school improvement data back to the OFSTED categories. New 1 click report option to create reports at the touch of a button. You can create several different reports including: The Headteacher's Report The Headteacher's Report including SEF and SDP Report The Trustee Report (automatic consolidation) - Includes a copy of The Headteacher's Report per academy The Pupil Premium Report The SEND Report The Finance Committee Report The Budget Planner

Quick and easy to produce reportsAccurate reporting with benchmarking data Saves hours of leadership time Reports are easy to understand and communicate with stakeholdersIncludes a variety of report options to meet the needs of leaders Helps leaders to meet the key elements of the OFSTED Inspection Framework

OverDrive Education is a digital content provider, offering a vast collection of eBooks, audiobooks, and other digital resources to support reading and learning initiatives. 'Sora' can be accessed on any device, including desktops, laptops, and tablets, and includes a user-friendly interface with easy search and browse features.

- Curate your own collections of ebooks and audiobooks by age, subject and themes or use pre-built collections - Available 24/7 online or offline and across devices - Reading activity enhancements including notes, highlights and defined words — all exportable to PDF, CSV and Google Drive - Reading data and personalisation – Books read, total reading time, average time per book/session, achievements, avatars and more - Special Education Needs support– Audiobooks, dyslexic font, enlarged text and Read-Alongs

Renaissance Freckle is an intuitive tech solution offering personalised Maths practice for primary school pupils in Years 1-6. It adapts to each student's abilities, helping them gain confidence and fluency in math. Freckle provides a range of benefits, from understanding individual strengths and opportunities to supporting teachers with up-to-date information about each child.

Key Features: Computer-adaptive assessments with Star MathsCurriculum-aligned practice that adapts as students progress Allows students to set their own weekly targets Real-time data for teachers to identify skill gaps and celebrate progress Benefits: Helps understand each child's strengths and opportunities in Maths. Provides teachers with up-to-date information to tailor teaching to individual needs. Encourages a growth mindset and positively engages students in their learning.

BoomReader is a digital reading record designed to replace paper reading diaries. BoomReader provides a digital solution for logging reading for parents, children and school staff. Everybody can log reading in seconds and know that the records build across the entire time a pupil is in a school. Parents can see a variety of reading activities from school and children have a long term record of their reading they can look back on.

- No more lost or damaged paper diaries! - All reading records are stored centrally for easy access  - Simple data to measure engagement with reading - Easy-to-use for staff, parents and children - Affordable. £1 per pupil for a yearly subscription BoomReader is environmentally friendly, and it's easy to add whole-class and group-reading sessions by teachers to all children’s records. The app provides useful data for teachers and subject leaders, but it's not overwhelming for busy teachers. Schools can add their own books/reading schemes to the existing BoomReader database and build their own reading band system. Parents can easily add comments indicating books completed and words that were tricky, and multiple parents/carers can log in. Children can log in up to twice a day and they have the option to review a book when completed. BoomReader supports schools with engaging parents and children with reading challenges, including the national competition known as the GoReadathon. Winners receive book tokens, trophies and other prizes.

Kidscape is an award-winning bullying prevention charity that provides practical support to build supportive communities safe from bullying and harm. They offer CPD-accredited staff training in bullying prevention, safeguarding, online safety, sexual harassment, and peer mentoring, as well as classroom-based workshops for children.

CPD-accredited courses for school staff in safeguarding, online safety, and bullying. Workshops for children, including ZAP bullying awareness and response, kindness champions, RISE transition support, and Young Community Leaders. Train the trainers program, enabling staff to cascade information to children on peer mentoring, online safety, and RISE transition. Free resources for schools, including lesson plans, anti-bullying policy guides, and communication tools for autistic children. ZAP Workshop for children and parents/carers affected by bullying, providing assertive strategies and skills.

Reading Plus is an evidence-based, adaptive reading intervention and improvement program aimed at pupils in KS2 and above, designed to develop children's reading skills by increasing their vocabulary, comprehension, meta-cognition, and silent reading fluency.

- Develops pupils' fluency, stamina, vocabulary, comprehension, and motivation to read. - Personalised to each student's interests and academic strengths. - Offers an intelligent e-reader and content library called SeeReader®. - Incorporates the Reading Plus Guided Window system to build reading fluency and stamina. - Provides data-driven reports and resources for teachers to plan targeted interventions. - Ties in with the Education Endowment Foundation’s literacy framework and supports the National Curriculum aims. - Accelerates pupils' reading progress and closes the reading gap for disadvantaged pupils.

Primary PE Passport is a comprehensive physical education platform designed to help schools plan, assess, evidence, and report on PE across the institution. With a full scheme of work, progressive lesson plans, and support from experienced teachers, it offers everything needed to deliver a broad, balanced, and progressive PE curriculum.

Key Features: Full, progressive scheme of work for Reception through to Year 6 Covers all five Key Indicators of the PE and Sports Premium Grant Extra-curricular and event planning documents and registers Ongoing support, including webinars, CPD programs, and a resource library Available on multiple platforms, including Apple, Android, and the web Benefits: Provides a complete, fully planned curriculum and relevant resources, including instructional diagrams and guidance videos Helps PE subject leaders understand and evidence progression, areas of strength and development, and data on various aspects of PE Offers flexibility for schools, allowing them to adapt the platform to their specific needs and context Supports the use of the Sports Premium to purchase subscriptions

EdClass is an online learning platform that provides virtual education to students of all ages and abilities. The platform offers a wide range of subjects, including English, maths, science, history, and languages, and is designed to be fully accessible to learners with different needs and preferences. EdClass also provides tools for tracking progress and monitoring student engagement, as well as a range of features that enable communication and collaboration between students and teachers.

Wide range of subjects: EdClass offers a broad selection of subjects, including core subjects like English and maths, as well as languages, humanities, and sciences. Accessibility: The platform is designed to be fully accessible to students with different learning styles and abilities, with options for visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic learning. Progress tracking: EdClass provides tools for tracking student progress, enabling teachers to identify areas of strength and weakness and tailor their teaching accordingly. Engagement monitoring: The platform also offers features for monitoring student engagement, including attendance tracking and reporting. Communication and collaboration: EdClass includes tools for communication and collaboration between students and teachers, including instant messaging and virtual whiteboards.

Lexonik produces a range of Literacy intervention programmes, one of them being Lexonik Advance. Lexonik describes it as: “Lexonik Advance is our flagship reading intervention. It raises students’ reading age by 27 months on average in just 6 weeks - the gains are evidenced by Northumbria University and recently the NLT (see below for the link to Lexonik’s website and the full report). It is delivered through 1-hour sessions over six weeks and is a face to face, fully resourced, targeted, teacher-led intervention for students with a standardised score of 85-115. It develops metacognition, automaticity and fluency, and teaches a methodology whereby students can decode and access vocabulary at point of need, allowing them to become fluent readers and ultimately able to comprehend. It builds student confidence and has a positive impact on pedagogy. It helps us towards our mission which is that everyone should be able to read.” 

Key Benefits: Proven results with an average reading age gain of 27 months in six one-hour sessions Suitable for a wide range of ages and settings, from upper primary to secondary, FE, and prisons Sustainable catch-up interventionDeveloped by teachers for teachers Features: Intensive reading intervention program1-hour sessions over six weeks Initial and final assessments to measure progress Small teacher-to-student ratio (1:4)Prescribed, scripted, and pacy scheme of work Focus on syllables, prefixes, stems, and suffixes Applicable to a variety of subjects, including science and mathematics

BlueSky Education provides an award-winning platform that allows schools to manage performance management, appraisal, continued professional development, and school quality assurance processes in a single entity. The platform provides a tailored approach to teacher appraisal that aligns with the culture of the organisation, whether it uses annual performance reviews or a continuous professional dialogue throughout the cycle.

BlueSky Education's platform promotes a forward-looking, ongoing cycle of collaborative growth within the school by providing equal opportunities to ALL staff. The platform efficiently links the progress and actions of individuals to the school improvement plan. Individuals can select, access and complete modules at their own pace and these are recorded in their individual CPD record. The platform also provides triangulated evidence that shows how staff are collaborating, which is useful for governors and trustees when monitoring and evaluating school-wide growth.

CPI Classroom Culture training is designed to prevent, reduce, and manage risk behaviors in schools. It aims to create a positive and respectful environment where students and staff can thrive and reach their potential. The training is available as a virtual 'train the trainer' Instructor Certification Programme.

The strategies include a common framework to provide teachers and support staff with standards that are both sustainable and practical. The virtual delivery platform eliminates the need for in-person training, reduces travel costs, and reduces time spent away from the classroom. Classroom Culture complements and strengthens your existing behaviour management activities by making principles simple to learn, implement, and repeat for teachers. The cost of recurring renewals is eliminated. This is a cost-effective training solution because the certification is valid for life.

Manning's Tutors is a tutoring company that provides a range of tuition programmes for pupils in years 7-13. They offer online and face-to-face tuition for pupils in London, Manchester, and Newcastle, and have been working with schools since 2008. They provide a flexible, personal service and each school has a dedicated Liaison Officer who looks after your school. Manning's Tutors was one of the first thirty organisations to be accredited under the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) in 2020. The quality of their tutors is a significant part of their success, and they recruit tutors from top universities across the country.

Manning's Tutors provides a range of tuition programmes for pupils in years 7-13. They offer online and face-to-face tuition for pupils in London, Manchester, and Newcastle. Each school has a dedicated Liaison Officer to oversee the scheme and provide a flexible, personal service. Manning's Tutors provide specific, targeted support for pupils, ensuring the best value for money regarding pupils' progress. Their tutors are thoroughly vetted and fully trained in safeguarding and pedagogy.

Literacy Tree is a digital resource for primary schools, providing high-quality and engaging English lessons for students aged 5 to 11. The lessons cover all aspects of the English curriculum, including reading, writing, spelling, and grammar, and are aligned with the national curriculum. The platform offers interactive activities, teacher guides, and assessments, making it easy for teachers to plan and deliver effective English lessons.

Aligned with the national curriculum: LiteracyTree's lessons cover all aspects of the English curriculum, ensuring that students are learning what they need to know. Interactive activities: The platform offers a range of interactive activities, such as games and quizzes, to make learning engaging and fun for students. Teacher guides: Each lesson comes with a detailed teacher guide, providing step-by-step instructions for delivering the lesson effectively. Assessments: LiteracyTree includes formative and summative assessments to help teachers track student progress and identify areas for improvement. Time-saving: The platform is designed to save teachers time by providing high-quality lesson plans and resources that are ready to use.

Online Safety UK (OSUK) is a leading provider of online safety training, resources and support for schools across the UK. They offer a range of services to help schools meet the requirements of online safety legislation and to keep children safe online.

Online safety training for staff and pupils Tailored online safety policies and procedures Support with online safety incidents and issues Regular updates on online safety issues and trends Online safety assessment and review service Access to online safety resources and materials

NetSupport's is a cloud-based classroom management, online safety, and IT management tool designed to help schools manage and maximize edtech, facilitate flexible instruction, and create a safe learning environment. Co-produced with teachers, it offers a range of intuitive tools for digital learning, online safety, and device management.

- Flexibility: provides a single solution for teaching in school classrooms and with remote learners, ensuring continuity for student learning and engagement. - Online safety:'s online safety tools monitor concerning student activity, spot online safety trends, and help staff identify at-risk students through keyword monitoring. - Ease of use: is a low-cost, browser-based solution that takes care of itself once configured by school IT technicians. Includes: - Classroom management and learning - Online safeguarding - Practical upkeep of devices - Flexible and intuitive functions - Fixed price per device

BounceTogether is a survey platform that supports schools in measuring and monitoring the physical and mental well-being of pupils, staff, and parents. It provides a range of pre-loaded, validated surveys across twelve categories, including mental well-being and life satisfaction. The software enables schools to effectively monitor well-being, provide immediate evidence for change, and generate tangible data to support development planning. The Well Together service provides access to expert training, empowering schools to take charge of whole-school well-being.

Key features and benefits: Pre-loaded, validated surveys across twelve categories Ability to monitor physical and mental well-being of pupils, staff, and parents Immediate evidence for change and input for development planning Provides evidence for school action plan and inspections Efficient pricingExpert training available through the Well Together service

DoodleLearning is an intuitive tech solution that creates a personalised work program tailored to children's individual strengths and weaknesses. By setting work at the right level, it plugs gaps in knowledge and gradually introduces new topics. It enables teachers to track progress and assess once a term via their online hub, making it a highly efficient solution for learning.

Creates a tailored learning package for each child based on their learning needs. Automatically sets, marks and analyses work, reducing teacher workload Pupils complete a short set of baseline assessments to give teachers an in-depth understanding of their pupils. Designed to be used for just 10 minutes a day at home or in school Tracks progress and assesses once a term via their online hub. Careful balance of challenge and reward helps each child to develop a growth mindset and positively engage with their learning. Provides up-to-date information about each child in their class, helping teachers tailor their teaching around their needs.

Designed to remove the fear and stigma attached to reporting issues; The Student Voice is an interactive and child-friendly reporting tool that utilises interactive maps of all the contexts that your young people spend time in, so your school or college can improve these spaces with more targeted and effective interventions, and ultimately prevent future harm.

The Student Voice is an interactive and child-friendly reporting tool providing safe spaces for over 30,000 students across independent, state, and international schools and multi-academy trusts. It is featured on the Contextual Safeguarding Network, and won the 2022 ‘Health and Wellbeing’’ Teach Secondary Award. Young people can navigate a series of interactive maps of all the contexts that they spend time in (school, home, and the local community), and RAG rate how safe they feel in these spaces using a universal traffic light system. Complimenting adult reporting systems, schools and DSLs are able to provide immense wrap around safeguarding provision; supporting the individual, whilst using the contextual data to implement targeted interventions, and prevent future harm occurring in those spaces. It is helping DSLs tackle the full range of issues, from child-on-child abuse issues, to mental health, bullying and online safety, with a 100% renewal rate across our schools.

Connections in Mind offers a training program for teachers and parents to understand executive functions that allow individuals to take time to think before acting, resist temptations, approach challenges with flexibility, and to stay focused. The program aims to create a neuro-inclusive school where every member of the community feels that they belong and can flourish. The training is available online or in-person, and covers an introduction to executive function skills and neuroplasticity, pedagogical training, coach training, and SENDCo training. The benefits of using Connections in Mind include helping students and teachers understand their brains, reducing unexpected behaviors, increasing school attendance, and reducing spending on 1:1 SEN support.

- Students and teachers learn about their brains and why it can be hard to get things done. - It helps students and teachers to be kinder to themselves and to those around them. - Reduces unexpected behaviours - Increases school attendance - Reduces spending on 1:1 SEN support

MyTutor is an online tutoring platform that provides one-to-one lessons to help students improve their academic performance. The platform offers a range of subjects and levels, including KS2, KS3, GCSE, A-level and university-level courses. MyTutor's tutors are experienced and trained to provide personalised lessons tailored to each student's needs. The platform also provides schools with a range of tools to manage tutoring sessions and monitor student progress.

One-to-one online tutoring: MyTutor provides one-to-one online tutoring, which allows students to get personalised attention and support from an experienced tutor. Experienced tutors: MyTutor's tutors are experienced and trained to provide personalised lessons tailored to each student's needs. Range of subjects and levels: MyTutor offers a range of subjects and levels, including KS2, KS3, GCSE, A-level and university-level courses. Tools for schools: MyTutor provides schools with a range of tools to manage tutoring sessions and monitor student progress.

Into Film is a charity organisation that provides filmmaking resources and training to schools and youth organisations in the UK. Their program, Into Film+, offers access to curated films and teaching resources, as well as opportunities for students to participate in filmmaking projects.

Access to curated films and teaching resources Opportunities for students to participate in filmmaking projects Helps develop critical thinking and media literacy skills Supports the UK curriculum in English, Media Studies, and PSHE Provides professional development and training for educators

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