Checklist - returning to school after COVID-19

Updated: Apr 30

Returning to school after the lockdown is going to be difficult for everyone. It doesn't matter if it is June, August or September. The world has changed. However, to support leaders with this change we have developed a checklist. A more detailed action plan is available here.

Plan for how to communicate with parents. Their anxiety levels will be high. The leaders of your school need to be prepared to reassure parents that schools are safe. maybe sharing a simple risk assessment with parents might help reassure them.

All communication needs to reach out to all parents. make sure that it is translated into different languages.

Carry out wellbeing check with all staff members. Making sure they are fit enough to return to school. Put systems in place for mental wellbeing as well. It has been a traumatic time for many people. Some schools are purchasing counseling services to support staff.

Safeguarding concerns - during the lockdown there has been a significant rise in domestic abuse and children have not been seen for some time. We need to be extra vigilant at this time. Being aware of changes in behaviour.

Purchase resources needed, e.g. PPE equipment that is needed.

Discuss opening arrangements/timetable with Governors/Trustees.

Draw up a staffing plan and rota.

Update Staff/Governors with (but not limited to): 

  • Reopening of School Action Plan

  • COVID-19 Risk assessment

  • COVID-19 Policy and procedures 

  • Health and Safety policy 

  • Infection Control Policy 

  • Confidentiality Policy 

  • Bereavement Policy

  • Safeguarding and Child Protection 

  • Data Protection Policy 

  • Updates from the DFE and guidance from the Public Health England 2020 

  • Arrangements for the return of pupils and parents. 

Contact external companies and inform them that the school will be opening.

Communicate infection control measures to staff, visitors, and governors.

Plan positive mental health and wellbeing learning opportunities to support pupil’s transition back to school. Children will all have different experiences during the lockdown period. We need to take this into account when planning the children transition back to school. Different children will be returning at different times. make sure we plan for these.


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