The magic of music, and how it can transform your school

Jonathan and Lucy are joined by Ross Garrod from @PracticePalMus as they talk about "The magic of music, and how it can transform your school."

Ross Garrod is a music teacher and determined to help budding musicians fall—and stay—in love with learning music. Ross teamed up with Cambridge-educated computer scientist  James King, to see if they could apply technology to reduce access issues for music students in a convenient and user-friendly way.  Practice Pal, transforms how schools, teachers, parents, and students move through music education together.

They discuss:

  • The powerful effect that music has on children.
  • The research around how music can help increase cognitive ability, self esteem, and children's ability to work collaboratively. 
  • The magic of music and how it can transform your school.

Quote of the day: 

“On teaching. the job seems to require the sort of skills one would need to pilot a bus full of live chickens backwards, with no brakes, down a rocky road through the Andes while simultaneously providing colourful & informative commentary on the scenery.”  Franklin Habit


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