First 100 days of Headship

Jonathan and Lucy are joined by Phil Denton who talks about his book, The First 100 Days: Lessons In Leadership From The Football Bosses.

Phil Denton is a former Headteacher and now the CEO of Evaluate-Ed. He is the author of The First 100 Days with Micky Mellon. Phil began a career in education by teaching history. Phil has spent the last three years meeting with Premier League managers, business leaders, and education leaders to create a blueprint that offers the best chance of successful leadership, especially in those first 100 days!

Phil has worked across schools in the North of England and Saudi Arabia. In addition, he is an experienced sports coach.

Phil's professional interests include driving the aspirations of school leaders through Evaluate-Ed, an intuitive diagnostic platform that helps schools understand their setting like never before.

The platform allows leaders to systematically develop improvement plans and access support from national leaders in education and beyond. He has had several articles published in the SecEd magazine.

​​​They discuss:

  • Phil’s work with premier league managers and the transferable skills he has taken from them and into headship.
  • The 2022 HeadteacherChat conference, and what Phil will be talking about. 
  • What headteachers can do in the first 100 days of leading a school with regards to establishing your purpose and getting to know your team. 

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Quote of the day:

"How you approach the first few weeks in a new role, whether it is your first job, or your eighth, sets the foundation for the future." – Richard Bevan, CEO League Managers Association.‍


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