Ensuring a Joined-up Approach to Safeguarding

Jonathan and Lucy are joined by the team at CPOMS to look at the challenges we face when sharing information with external agencies in an efficient and secure way. 

They are joined by:

Nicki Higgins

Nicki is the Sales Team Manager. She has a background in Pastoral Support in both Secondary and Primary School settings and used CPOMS safeguarding software in her previous role as DSL. Nicki is qualified as an NLP Practitioner and holds a degree in Counselling and Psychology in Community Settings. 

Karl Lodge 

Karl is a Business Development Manager by day, Dad, fitness fanatic, and motorbike enthusiast by night. Karl joined CPOMS in 2017, recognised for assessing operational needs and developing solutions to improve revenues, and drive customer satisfaction. More recently Karl has focused on the launch of CPOMS Engage with PRU's, AP's, mainstreams, Independent schools, and Local Authorities. Prior to joining CPOMS, Karl has 12 year’s experience within the education sector.

Sophie Wilkinson

Since joining in 2016, Sophie has led the product management with CPOMS Systems Limited. Responsible for delivering innovative solutions to the UK and International customers, Sophie has worked with the teams to bring two additional products to market in CPOMS Engage and CPOMS StaffSafe. Prior to joining CPOMS, Sophie served as a teacher in the UK for over a decade. 

They discuss:

  •  What does a joined-up approach to safeguarding look like?
  • If a child was in a situation where they attend a main stream school and a PRU, how would a joined-up approach help relevant staff be aware of domestic violence happening at home so staff can best support that child?
  • How can a system like CPOMS Engage help remove barriers to information sharing across settings and with the local authority?

Find out more:  https://www.cpoms.co.uk


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Made by us and our partners.

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