Being Human

Jonathan and Lucy are joined by Dan Edwards as they discuss why it is important to 'be human' as a school leader.

Dan Edwards

Dan Edwards is an experienced school leader who trained in English and drama and enjoyed teaching key stages three to five for many years before taking the leap into the primary sector. Dan has stepped down as principal of a school and set up a business to support himself and his family. He has been busy speaking at conferences and meeting with schools.

They discuss:

  • The concept of being human in order to make a positive impact on others and their learning. 
  • How to create cultures that make people feel valued.  
  • How to be brave as a leader which leads to more trust and better relationships among staff and parents. 
  • The importance of listening to each other.

Dan Edwards has written a book called Repositioning Donuts: The Five Steps to School Improvement, which outlines five pillars of school improvement: consultation, communication, clarity, and being human.


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