Brands 4 Schools

We are a creative agency that provides specialist design and communication services to the education community. Our offering is really diverse and includes anything from websites to wall displays and anything in between – think branding, communication campaigns, transition guides, student support materials, branding and more. Whether it’s showcasing your school brand, delivering an effective, strategic communications plan, or enriching the student learning experience, it starts with picking the right agency. To give you a flavour of what we offer, we’ve split our expertise into four main categories below. Creative campaigns. Whether it’s improving attendance and punctuality or promoting your latest Progress 8 score, we can bring any campaign to life to maximise engagement and help ensure your objectives are met. • Progress 8 score awareness • Staff recruitment & retention • Punctuality • Attendance ladders • Open evening promotion • Anti-bullying awareness • Learning journeys • Reward and recognition • Ofsted rating & feedback • School/Academy USPs Student support materials. From easing the stress of transition to supporting students through exam preparation and more, our design expertise will bring your student support materials to life. • Transition guides • Standalone transition websites • Revision booklets • Standalone revision websites • GCSE options guides • Knowledge organisers • Course guides • Postcards home • New student welcome pack The learning environment. From subject-specific wall art to outdoor banners and more, we can transform tired, uninspiring spaces with innovative designs that engage, influence and motivate! • Interior displays • Wayfinding • External signage • Outdoor banners • Internal banners Communication support. Whether it’s designing a school brand identity or a gloriously glossy prospectus, or creating engaging, strategic, communication campaigns, we can help you breathe life into school communications. • Brand identity • Prospectus design • Website design • Copywriting • Website development • Animation • Email signatures • Advertising • Social Media • MAT strategic objectives