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Finely selected companies that meet your leadership needs. From excellent coaching companies to companies providing HR information.

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Autumn’s arrival brings with it our newest members to our database. From companies who support senior leaders and teachers plan their curriculum to ones that support children's' wellbeing. And you can now discover each of them right here.

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Pupils and Parents

Headteacherchat have selected a bespoke range of companies to support you and your leadership team.

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Selected by our experts to help you select companies to meet your Admin and Finance needs.

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Selected by our curriculum experts to help you select companies to meet your HR and recruitment needs.

Tuition Companies

Selected by our experts to help you select companies to meet your tuition needs.


Free list of online education resources for home education and schools - Coronavirus (COVID 19)

We have been contacted by numerous companies telling us about their free or discounted products. We have therefore been collecting resources for teachers and schools impacted by coronavirus closings. In addition, we are adding blog posts about remote learning and various recommended platforms by Headteacher Chat. If you have any ideas, please share on Twitter with the handle @headteacherchat.

Hope you find this helpful. This is a work in progress. Please email us for additions or changes: admin@headteacherchat.com



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