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Multi-award-winning professional development and school improvement support.

TT Education offers award-winning CPD and school improvement support. You will end a day with us with ideas, games and approaches that you can immediately apply in your school.

What do they do?

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Product Overview.

A Review of TTEducation’s online CPD courses by HeadteacherChat

Hello! My name is Jonathan Coy, and I am co-host of HeadteacherChat. I am delighted to have been given access to TTEducation’s CPD Library to see what they have on offer and I thought you would be interested to know what I discovered!  
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How does TTEducation describe their product?

A game-changing CPD platform for every member of staff in your school.”  

We provide every member of staff in your school with a range of high quality, on demand CPD which is easier to access than ever. TT Education’s online CPD Library opens a range of professional development opportunities, with online access from anywhere, at any time!  

Browse our diverse range of over 250 on demand courses and create your school’s very own selection of online CPD, with unlimited access for all members of staff.  

Included in the platform is a wide range of pre-loaded CPD courses across eight categories, including Leadership, Across the Primary Curriculum, and School Improvement, Online Training and Further Support.

This product is especially salient right now; never has there been a time where good quality CPD has been put to the forefront of every school’s agenda.  

What does the package enable you to do?

  • It enables you to effectively monitor the CPD of teachers, office staff and teaching assistants using an online platform, giving immediate access to the latest training, including EYFS.
  • It provides a bespoke CPD journey to individual teachers, including Early Careers Teachers.  
  • You able to pause and rewind to review sections and watch each session as many times as you like.

What does HeadteacherChat think?

TTEducation is a great tool which enables school leaders to achieve their CPD aims either for individual staff members or the whole staff. It’s an easy-to-use platform, without the need for lots of training.  

With over 200 on-demand courses across a wide range of key stages and subjects, including leadership.

With a selection of subscription options for schools to choose from, leaders have the ability to choose the product that is appropriate for their CPD needs. The pricing is competitive, and we think this product will undoubtedly support schools to achieve their CPD needs easily and efficiently.  

“Our teachers right across the school have benefitted from accessing different aspects of the CPD Library. One of the key advantages of the resources being online is that it gives teachers the flexibility to access the resources as and when needed; similarly, this also helps senior leaders to be able to provide CPD at the most beneficial times, rather than waiting for a face-to-face course to be run.”  

Mr. Neil McAvoy, Deputy Headteacher, Clavering Primary School  

TTEducation has the HeadteacherChat Stamp of Approval:

“The CPD Library on TTEducation is an invaluable tool for schools to obtain training opportunities easily and efficiently. We were really impressed with the level of detail within each online course, and the wide selection available. If you are looking for ways to offer training courses within your school, this will definitely help.”  

Jonathan Coy, HeadteacherChat.