The Behaviour Manual

The Behaviour Manual - An Educator's Guidebook offers over 100 strategies, approaches and teaching methods that will help any school, leader, middle leader, teacher, ECT or ITT to pro-actively lead on behaviour. It has been designed to help the entire profession and anyone at any level and all ranges of experience. The book is divided into three broad sections. Section one examines the role of the Mothership (the school) and the role that leaders at any level can play.mSection two looks at the role of the Satellites (the key areas that make up the school) and the integral role that middle leaders play. The final section looks at the micro level, focusing on the role that teachers play and offers a plethora of approaches teachers can employ. This book is deliberately written to help, to offer support, to offer advice and there is, bluntly, no waffle, no padding and no fluff. If you want a book that you can pick up, easily read and digest a key approach or strategy in less than 5-10 minutes then this is for you.