Interview Questions for Teachers


We’ve compiled a list of interview questions for teachers in order to help you to plan your interviews. 

 1.  What do you believe are the key qualities of an effective teacher, and how do you embody those qualities?

 2.  Can you share an experience in which you successfully managed a difficult situation in the classroom?

 3.  How do you adapt your teaching style to meet the diverse needs of your students?

 4.  Can you tell us about a time when you collaborated with other teachers or staff members to improve student outcomes?

 5.  What do you think is the role of technology in the classroom, and how do you integrate it into your teaching practice?

 6.  How do you stay up-to-date with new teaching methods and strategies, and how do you apply that knowledge in the classroom?

 7.  Can you share an example of how you have helped a struggling student succeed?

 8.  How do you create a positive and inclusive classroom culture that fosters learning and respect?

 9.  How do you involve parents and caregivers in their child's education, and what strategies do you use to communicate with them?

 10. Can you tell us about a lesson or project that you designed that you felt was particularly successful, and why?

 11. Why teaching? Why this school?

 12. What 3 things will you NOT compromise on?

 13. What questions were you hoping we would ask? Which were you hoping to avoid? AND If your colleagues created a Wiki page about you, what would they post?

 14. If we didn’t appoint you, what would we be missing?

 15. If you overheard colleagues talking about your last five years here, what would you want them to be saying? If we gave you an afternoon off, what would you do? Used to ask ‘tell us a joke’. One candidate left the interview as she didn’t see what that had to do with teaching job!What do you do when you don't know what to do?

 16. How would your colleagues know that you were feeling under pressure?

 17. What would make you a better teacher:

 18. What actions are you taking to make that happen?

 19. What would you like us to do to help you?

 20. How can I and the school help you be the best teacher you can be?

 21. What makes you someone that will be part of the fabric of our school, and not someone who just works here?

 22. What was your favourite book as a child (can be age specific for Jun/Sec posts) and what so impressed you about that book?

 23. Tell me about your best/worst lesson recently & why it was so?

 24. If I asked you to hide an elephant where would you hide it?

 25. We are all leaders at our school. What area do you think your leadership strengths lie in and why? What area would you like to spend time with the leader to deepen your understanding and why?

 26. Who is your hero and why?

 27. We have the question - if you could change one thing about education what would it be? Always a good conversation starter and you get to see what people think


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