Headteacher Sample Interview Questions

Are you preparing for an interview for a school leadership role? These questions may help….

Leadership and Management   

What makes a great headteacher, and what do you think are the most important qualities for success? Please explain your choice. 

How do you think governors help the school achieve its mission, and how would you work with them if you were the headteacher? 

How have you inspired and gotten the attention of your coworkers in your current management role? 

How do you conceptualise and promote equal opportunities, and what measures would you implement to ensure their realisation within the school? 

How would you make sure that good financial management practices are used? 

What are the most important things you should know about school budgets right now? 

What would be your plan of action to address the issue of an underperforming staff member? 

How would you guide the school through the process of strategic development planning?   

Teaching and Learning:   

What do you think are the most important parts of a good curriculum for the foundation stage, and how do these parts contribute to good teaching and learning? 

How would you make the lessons different for the youngest and oldest students in the school while keeping the learning experience as a whole the same? 

How do you define high-quality teaching and learning, and what steps would you take as a principal to make sure these standards are always met? 

How would you figure out if the school's academic standards are challenging enough for all students? 

How would you figure out which parts of the curriculum need better ways of teaching and how to fix them? 

What approaches would you implement to foster and sustain positive behaviour among students? 

Please explain your views on special education needs and how you would help students who have different ways of learning. 

What do you think the role of extracurricular activities will be in making this primary school a better place to learn?   

School-Parent-Community Engagement   

What strategies that have been shown to work would you use to build strong, positive relationships with parents and families in our school community? 

What specific steps would you suggest to get parents more involved in school events and decision-making? 

In your opinion, what role do parents play in helping their kids learn and grow, and how can the school make it easier for them to get involved? 

How would you make and carry out a complete communication and outreach plan to tell parents and the wider community about the school's successes and goals? 

How do you think the school and different community groups or stakeholders can work together to improve our students' education? 

Can you tell us how you handle parent concerns and complaints while keeping the best interests of the students and the school community in mind? 

What methods would you use to build and keep strong connections with feeder high schools, making sure that our students' learning experiences are smooth and consistent? 

How might collaborating with neighbouring schools generate opportunities for resource sharing, joint initiatives, and overall school improvement for all involved institutions?


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