Coaching questions for performance reviews



Here are some coaching questions to ask at a performance review.

How far have the outcomes of the objective been achieved?

Which of the success criteria is still applicable?

What impact has the achievement of the objective had?

What has the impact on pupils been?

What has the impact on other staff (where relevant) been?

Can you outline the evidence that demonstrates this impact?

Which aspects of the achievement have had the greatest impact on pupils/staff?

How could other aspects have had a greater impact on pupils/staff?

Which actions that you took had a significant impact?

Which of the original proposed strategies/actions were maintained, and which were changed or supplemented?

Which actions were most effective/least effective?

How can the success of the objective be maintained?

What actions, if any, are needed to maintain the successes achieved?

What are the workload implications of this?

How relevant is this for an ongoing objective for the next cycle?


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